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  1. The car of the decade is an engineering marvel, talked about across the world and something millions look forward to, even if they have no intention of buying it. So it has to be Nano. Nothing else comes close. Wonder what is there for Honda City, it is a good car, but car of the decade? Come on.. And Swift is a popular car, but doesn't have stuff to make it to the car of the decade.
  2. Looks like they are doing the same thing what they did on Santro some years back. Smart move no doubt.
  3. Uh oh.. that sounds too simple.. I believe more factors are involved in it rather than just oversteer. Can you elaborate on the video? I guess you also need to consider which are the driving wheels, the load on the axles and the road conditions - dry /wet /ice. For most small cars and sedans, I would believe putting new tyres on the front axle makes sense as the traction, load and steering comes there.
  4. It is Punto for me.. I am addicted to the driving comfort it provides... nothing else below 10L comes close.
  5. Interesting thoughts.. I agree mostly with dr_nishu's observations except for point no3. I believe there could be some improvement in the second gear ratio for MJD. Love to see them implemented.
  6. I am not surprised. Both Maruti and Hyundai are not known to be serious in responding to direct customer complaints as compared to some other manufacturers. They already have the numbers on their side, so why bother?
  7. Previous Verna was just dull, the new one is Horrible.
  8. @hersh_s1 That is a great looking color. I wish that color was available when I bought my Punto. I am sure you will enjoy your car for a long long time.