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  1. Jazz is too expensive for what it offers. I'd lean towards the Fiesta if driving pleasure is priority. The Fiat Linea if you are budget concious. The Honda City if you have the money. The Vento is also worth looking at.
  2. If buying Vista, go for the Quadrajet, it is well worth the extra money. The i10 I feel suits you best.
  3. You could find parts, but it is getting increasingly difficult and frankly not worth the trouble. The Corsa and Aveo do not share any parts as far as I know. It would be better if you go for some car that is still in production or has recently gone out of production. If it is a depreciation disaster like the Palio and Ikon, even better.
  4. I would vote for the i10 which is a much better car than the Wagon R.
  5. Mercs of that era were a class apart. This example needs a fair bit of work and it's really good your friend is doing it up. Would you mind disclosing the purchase price of this one? Hope your friend can bring this one back to top shape.
  6. I vote sedan, get a good used honda city previous generation. You can get a good example which should be in your budget. If you want new, get the Manza preferably diesel. If it has to be petrol and new then go for the Dzire. If it's a sport utility t you are looking for, take a look at the Scorpio, better in quality than the Safari but not in terms of space. The mHawk is a very capable brute, ride and handling still not good enough though. If you do end up with a used Safari, ensure there is service history and buy the latest possible model in case of the old dicor or even the new dicor. But used 2.2 will probably not be in your budget. Avoid TCIC.
  7. Just when I thought the Verna couldn't get any uglier. That grille job is horrible, the current one looks so much better. But I hope at least the plastic quality is better on the inside.
  8. Those are some really horrible crashes. It's sort of nice these cars are rare in India. We don't have the roads nor the discipline for these machines.
  9. So does this mean he won't be posting test drive reports anymore?
  10. DrNishu, Bearings when they go bad generally make humming noises. CV joints will click when driven through turns due to play. The clicking can come either on accelerating or decelerating. Test should be carried out in both left and right hand turns on full lock in forward and reverse while modulating the accelerator pedal.
  11. Pilot???? But how come so suddenly??? there was no news at all about all this......... I wish him all the best but would have liked an announcement....
  12. Hey I was wondering where FRG was and went through his profile and found this. It says he last logged in february, is he off on some special assignment???? coz of late i was wondering where he is as i didn't find any new test drive reports by him...... Mods any idea why he's missing for so long?? Member Profile Autocar India Forum >Member Profile Member Profile: FuelRunGod Active Stats Username: FuelRunGod Group: Special License Account Status: Active Online Status: Offline Joined: 14 Aug 2007 at 2:56am Last Visit: 09 Feb 2010 at 11:36pm Posts: 3007 [2.88 posts per day] Find Posts:
  13. I know it's a little late in the day but I thought there should be a thread to wish FRG on his birthday. So a big happy birthday FRG. Have a great year!!!!!!!!!!! 300kph
  14. Did you not test drive the vehicle before buying? If you didn't, then you can't blame the company. But if you did and your car isn't behaving normally, then you should take it up with the regional office.
  15. Hi Durango Dude, I've been lurking here for over a year now.
  16. Hey sgiitk, the easiest way to check for bad CV joints is to drive in a circle at full lock and hear for clicking noises. Do this in both forward and reverse. But I have a feeling this isn't the CV joint.
  17. Yes its 4x4 but rarely sees the wrong side of the bushes. I like to keep it stock why to fix something if it ain't broken. Plus anything above 80kph and the leaf springs remind you this isn't a racecar or a sedan even.
  18. Oh and I forgot to add, my daily drive is a Scorpio which has been surprisingly reliable, it's the first gen 2.6 Turbo. The mHawk is good but I have too much of an attachment to let go of my 2.6. 300kph
  19. Yes the Veyron is definately on my list. Would love to drive that one day, anybody know MF Hussain's number? 300kph
  20. hey there, i'm not exactly new, but a long time lurker....finally thought i'd come out in the open. Anyways I'm into cars *duh* and hope to be a valuable addition here. 300kph