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  1. You could find parts, but it is getting increasingly difficult and frankly not worth the trouble. The Corsa and Aveo do not share any parts as far as I know. It would be better if you go for some car that is still in production or has recently gone out of production. If it is a depreciation disaster like the Palio and Ikon, even better.

  2. I vote sedan, get a good used honda city previous generation. You can get a good example which should be in your budget. If you want new, get the Manza preferably diesel. If it has to be petrol and new then go for the Dzire.

    If it's a sport utility t you are looking for, take a look at the Scorpio, better in quality than the Safari but not in terms of space. The mHawk is a very capable brute, ride and handling still not good enough though.


    If you do end up with a used Safari, ensure there is service history and buy the latest possible model in case of the old dicor or even the new dicor. But used 2.2 will probably not be in your budget. Avoid TCIC.



  3. DrNishu,


    Bearings when they go bad generally make humming noises. CV joints will click when driven through turns due to play. The clicking can come either on accelerating or decelerating. Test should be carried out in both left and right hand turns on full lock in forward and reverse while modulating the accelerator pedal.

  4. Hey I was wondering where FRG was and went through his profile and found this. It says he last logged in february, is he off on some special assignment???? coz of late i was wondering where he is as i didn't find any new test drive reports by him...... Mods any idea why he's missing for so long??

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