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  1. I'd suggest the new city. The handlings better, so is the ride, looks, equipment, engines tweaked to pump out a bit more, interiors and so what if your paying a bit more. Its an overall better package.
  2. i must say Cyrus, i'm very impressed. if you painted the Supra yourself I'll drag you along when I'm getting my bike painted. Hope to see you in office soon.
  3. this is my baby - 1993 350 Standard with a few performance mods. and a City ZX V-TEC (Thats for mom)
  4. Trust me, you dont want me to spoil the surprise.
  5. Adam

    Rat in Car

    @speed well finding the dead rat wont be a problem, but the smell will hit you only a couple of days after it dies. The smell will also cling to the car's upholstery and getting rid of that will prove a bigger problem than the rat itself.
  6. hi surendra, which skoda service centre are you going to and where?
  7. Adam

    Rat in Car

    washing machines don't have as many moving parts as a car and secondly they don't run on roads that could dismantle a car, but yes bluesapphire does have a point. But the mechanic is going to search till he finds the rat, which could take some time and who knows how much it will cost you. Another suggestion is put a trap under the car.Food is a sure shot lure.
  8. Adam

    Rat in Car

    drive your car around town for a couple of days. The constant noise, rattling and heat should get the him out, thats if hes in the engine bay. If not and the problem persists well thats one determined little fellow.
  9. Anniversary issues generally take a little bit longer because there is a lot more content. But the wait will be well worth it.
  10. good news the rule has been thrown into the garbage bin by the joint commissioner of police. Thank heavens, i was going to rent a tuba and a bass drum for the rear seat.
  11. Adam


    hello salil where are you doing your engineering from?
  12. @vibhor - does anybody ask you why you buy new clothes even though your 10 or 20 or 30 or whatever year old body? Its a stupid question. What possible reason could he have other than just wanting a new system.