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  1. MARKETING GIMMICKS JAPANESE CAN MARKET THE CARS WITH NEW COLOURS AS WELL.NOW THEY ARE SEEING A COMPETITION ,vento=city, CRV= santafe & captiva & xtrail hope prices keep coming down as well
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  3. Hi supercharger ( mercedes Kompressor )is similar to turbo charger mercedes 350 or 220 CDi) say like fan consisting of blades (both of them pump more fresh air by compressing(forcing) into cylinders of engine) supercharger is driven by ENGINE crankshaft thru belt , Where as turbocharger is driven by Exhaust gasses forced out of engine cylinder, Supercharger as it is driven by engine its QUICK TO REACT . Unlike the Exhaust driven turbocharger there will be a turbo lag,which needs higher engine RPM to force the blades to rotate and give more power , Which one is best depends on type of CAR , Quicker and expensive shld be Super charger, Economical shld be Turbocharger. But off late we had noticed some latest generation /Twin scroll turbo charges & Variable geometry Turbochargers competing with super chargers . Volks wagen had combined both of Supercharge r+ Tubocharger called TFSI to over come this issue , some mfrs are giving two turbo chargers (smaller +big ) exhaust driven turbochargers so that smaller turbo reacts quicker in intial take off and the bigger turbo takes on after. HOPE YOU COULD FIND YOUR ANSWER ANAND
  4. i think its expensive ,when u consider new launches of AUDI A6 2.7 diesel & BMW 525 diesel, new car costs . u shld offer this merc max 35 laks only
  5. HI reg SUV of 60 laks. Serious off roading & dependable easy to maintain=ToytaPrado Merc ML350CDi = bieng established your suv need not wait long period in workshop for want of spares.good offroad . Volkswagen NEW TOUAREG= getting launched soon Good for offroad and comfortable ,Tuff shld come below ur 60 lak Expensive to maintain, accidented part takes longer time Porsche cayennediese= similar to above (VW) but may cross ur budget expensive to maintain, accidented part takes longer time BMX5= good to drive sporty but not comfortable NO SPARE TYRE is big problem Specially for SUV , NOT a good FOR OFFROAD ,Expensive to maintain, accidented part takes longer time. Volvo= Not good for offroad,comfortable seats &ride Expensive to maintain, accidented part takes longer time ,less number of cars or SUV not much of presence in india, Audi Q7= not serious off roader BIG, Expensive to maintain, accidented part takes longer time Hope this gives a fair idea .Anand
  6. Hi sham ,ref to ur question i had noticed a switch W /S ( w= winter S=summer )in mercedes S class were in car takes off in 2nd gear in winter snow , There is a possibility as long as your torque band helps ,ex-The torque band in tata vista diesel (fiat engine) is lowered by 250 RPM when compared to same fiat engine of swift , This helps vista in pulling in low RPM as well & in gear speeds
  7. congrats sarab, Car appears to be in good shape ,and its gives good milege with plenty of power ,take care about Hydrostatic lock during this rainy season, pl go thru manual about the level water thru which it can traverse bye
  8. Hi can Vw vento replace Skoda Octavia ?
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    Hi Iam Dr Anand reddy , iam passionate for Cars&bikes and it continues ,presently i own Subaru STI modified With TOMEIperformmance parts & 2.5 BLOCK you can watch it on HYDERABAD drag race pictures white colur,and a bike BMWK1300R, Volkswagen touareg V10 diesel You can watch pics in Hyderabad Jeep Thrills At GMR aiport,and AudiV6 diesel quattro remapped by petes, Love to read Automagazines testdrive all the cars .bye
  10. Hi here is another medical doc
  11. Hi Using the spacers between body and strut is the first to try for increasing ground clearence, without altering the gear ratios, by increasing the tyre size (aspect ratio for example 185/65 R14 to 185/75 R14 )will alter drivebility as quoted example the intial pick up is lost you will gain similar top end speed
  12. Hi Ref to octane booster best thing is to buy a good quality of TOLUENE add upto 20-25% of volume . need more info you can search on toluene as octane booster on web got tonnes of info ,
  13. Court can make usage of helmets compulsory, but can not ask the bike sellers to make bundled package with bikes. BornFree2010-07-09 18:49:09
  14. Hi Iam with a learner licence hope u noticed it , this should be transferred to readers test team / reviews about cars so it can be usefull for decision before buying bye Note from Mod: Please take time composing your post, use proper English & sentences & preview before posting. A nicely written/comprehended post is better read & understood. Thread moved.BornFree2010-07-09 18:45:28
  15. Hi guyz BMW is launching BMW K1300R / SUPERSPORTS 1000 / GS1200 /850 cc the prices will be competitive starting from 8.5 lakh onwards to 14 lakhs i own BMWK1300R its good drive within city with a good torque spread ,This info was sneaked from BMW dealer mail
  16. Hi Audi A6 Diesel quattro 2 years old done 25000kms For- used to be performance/ before BMW launched 530d Against-stiff ride ,maintenece cost 4 rupees per km with out fuel cost , Car is too low to Get in & Get out of car , Rear seat lack of under thigh support, Not accessible for customer support, No info from Audi india