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  1. I took 15K as discount on ANHC AT along with free floor mats, pillows and Body cover. I also got Deal on Teflon and Antirust both done in 5K. But Once I closed the deal with advance cheque another Dealer agreed for better deal, so my take on this is you negotiate with 2-3 Dealers in your area and get the best Deal if not in a hurry.
  2. Go for ANHC AT. I have the same car and let me let you you'll never regret for it. For me my own comfort is first and then comes segment of car etc.. etc. Honda badge also carries good status don't forget that. Recently I was stuck in Delhi traffic after heavy rains for 3 Hrs, I did't get frustrated in scrolling bumper to bumper traffic but I could see the level of frustration on others who were driving manual cars. The best part is you can use paddle shifters even in Auto mode, this makes highway driving more enjoyable when you want sudden power in overtaking.
  3. Thanks everyone here on this Topic for the valuable inputs.
  4. @ sb-alto: Thanks for your reply, but tell me how come warrantee is void if I often use high beam does it causes melting of plastic parts or blackening of reflector etc. Also does it requires installation of relay to support these 100/90w bulbs.
  5. @sb-alto : Do you feel 60/55w is sufficient enough as you have experienced 100/90w also.
  6. @sb-alto do you really feel 60/55W would be sufficient enough as you have experienced using 100/90.
  7. Go for 3M CR70 1. It reduces glare 2. Prevent heat comming in 3. It has a hard coating which prevents scratches. 4. Cheaper than V Kool
  8. Neeraj : I have installed 3M CR70 with 70% transparancy. It does hamper visibily to the extent of 10-12% due to tint and Honda City windshield being inclined at a higher angle than any other car but at the same time this film reduces the heat during hot sunny day and glare of oncoming traffic at night by 30%.
  9. Hi, During my recent Night drive on a Hignway I felt that stock headlamps in ALL New Honda City is insufficient. I want to upgrade the same with HID or Higher rating 100/90 bulbs to have a bright light without sacrificing Warrantee ( cutting of wires etc.). I have read at many places that HID lamps if taken above 4300K is also not advisble as it has bad visibility during rains/fog. I'm least concerned about improving the looks of car by installing HID, I want value for money and anything which really helps in enhancing the visibility at Night would do. I have also installed 3M CR70 Sun Film on my Front Windshield. Need your advise on this.