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  1. Post deleted: Don't post successive back to back posts within short span of time. BornFree2010-07-11 18:04:33
  2. Here is the answer that you are searching for car_lover. It is the diesel one which is very fuel efficient. All diesels are fuel efficient today' date=' no matter what make they are. Here is a proof that figo's show early rusting. Too early. (Note the exhaust pipe) [/quote'] Thanks sb-alto for this info. 10-11 is too less even in City with 100% AC ? It seems all the Figo petrol owners are getting mileage in this range only. I checked with few friends of mine too . So after few more kms in ODO i think Figo (Petrol) will settle around 12-13 in City with 100% AC for a sedate driver ? Your comments please.
  3. @ Mod I am sorry for the non-compliance. I copied it from the word document that might lead to the font change. I will be more careful going forward.
  4. @ rahul1810 & rssh, <?:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /> Ritz is a complete package and it seems that even I am zeroing upon it. The OTR prices for the various Ritz models in Hyd are: Ritz VXi
  5. Thanks for the first hand information on the mileage front. To me 13 kmpl in City with 100% AC is pretty good. I think its Ritz VXi all the way for me. Does Ritz also rattles a lot as Maruti is famous or rather say infamous for ?
  6. Thats true. Wagon R is a no nonsense car and it is really meant for commutting in the city. With the launch of Beat , Micra , Punto, Polo and to some extent Figo the newly launced Wagon R find itself place last in the looks department. 3 pot engine will not be sufficient in the highway for sure . Though the new Blue eyed boy is not a mere facelift of the older generation Wagon R and is coming with lot of goodies , FE engine and agressive pricing. But still that knockout punch is missing.....