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    Key reminder

    Key reminder in MS Ritz stopped working.but i have observed that whenever i press the key inwards , it starts working and when i change position from off to ACC it goes off again... (Doors open) ... Is this a loose contact ??? can i get this problem rectified at the service center ??? pls do help..... and hav any other ritz/swift owners experienced this??? Note from Mod: You are advised to go through the Announcements section of the forum before further posting. There are numerous mistakes in your post, apart from spelling mistakes the letter "I" is always written in Capitals & avoid the use of "???", "----" within sentenses. Consider this as a Warning, more infractions could lead to an ultimate Ban.BornFree2010-07-31 11:26:22
  2. @sb-alto hw can u say that alpine is bettr than xplod????
  3. Hiii guys.. my neighbour recently bought a Beat LS trim. Costs 3.81 lakhs on-road Delhi(correct me if i am wrong).He fitted it with extra accessories listed below.. *Remote keyless entry *Alpine mp3 system 4 speakers(2 alpine in the front and 2 PIONEER speakers at the rear)(Is this Advisable????) Are there any ill effects if we do like this. also is Alpine as good as a SONY XPLOD ???? *Got all handles, mirrors and The small spoiler painted(colour is green) *Fitted it with fog lamps(whoppinnngg RS 8000 ) *fitted it with roof rails. and a few more.... After all this the final bill was more than but around Rs 4 50 000... .Now tell me guys.. is this a good buy??? I mean VFM ???!!! It didnt sound sensible at all to me.... Whats ur take on this??? Apart from the looks ... there is nothing which makes u go wow about it(which is what i felt personally in this particular case.)...
  4. I would like to knw which car (rather engine) is better in terms of performance . 1.2 ltr s-tec II in beat or the 1.2ltr k series(K12M) from ritz. I have heard that the 1.2 in beat comes no where near to that of 1.2 kseries in ritz .Suggestions anyone ??
  5. ash8

    Idle Rpm...

    thanks guys. and driftpunk, that pic u clicked i think is from the a-star right???
  6. ash8

    Idle Rpm...

    I have a Ritz vxi. I would like to know the idle RPM of the 1.2 k series engine. i found it to be around 650 rpm. but not immediately after cranking . RPM just after cranking is 1000 rpm. its after a few minutes that it settles to 650 rpm. Is this normal? I hope so .
  7. I own a Maruti Ritz Vxi.I had fitted it with a Sony xplod music system CDX-GT686UI .recently I had plugged in a pendrive that had virus(From my pc I guess). The next day the system started malfunctioning(.like late response to commands).Is this actually due to the virus.Is there any way to get rid of this problem? Can I get this serviced from sony ? I have a 2 year warranty. Am I eligible for a warranty service ?? Please suggest .. BornFree2010-07-09 18:41:18