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  1. in fact it isn't cheap. Logan is known as 5000
  2. No no, it is not the Suzuki Liana going to replace Esteem, rather a sedan version of Swift. Here is news from NDTV and here from ET. I could get 1.3L petrol and the fiat 1.3 diesel engines.
  3. Hi Guys, Well I am new to this forum, so this is a bit obsolete topic. Anyways, since all you guys are car buffs, I would like to share some photos I took from the recently concluded Frankfurt Motor show (or IAA 2007). Here you go -> http://picasaweb.google.com/ajayrams/FrankfurtMotorShowIAA2007 Note:- No boasting intended, feel free to delete the topic or rant on it
  4. ahaa...nice innovative name there anjan. Probably you must file patent for that
  5. There are some 40 cars listed in October issue of AutoCar India, at least half should make their way through One car not listed in that is the new sift sedan which will replace esteem, coming hopefully early next year.
  6. Hi Colin, I must start in this forum by thanking you, in fact. I got to know about this forum from your Good Life column in AutoCar India October issue. So thanks, and hope to see you around.
  7. Nice topic mate, very valid as well. Among these exploiters, Mercedes stands first, look at the C-Class prices, went up from 19L to 28L for nothing.....We really require a program like TopGear to kill these looters.
  8. I took this one myself at IAA-2007. Not very bad looking in fact. aaah sorry...Am a newbie...so Hi there.....