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  1. thank you all for your time. i am really impressed. @sb-alto: thanks for the welcome message and your post. sadly, windsor honda is out of business for some time. the imperial honda- first dealership in calcutta-has now relocated to some obscure corner of the town. this might explain why the pinnacle honda is getting too comfy! @Durango Dude: if you google 'Pinnacle Honda' my post on another website is coming with a page rank of 4/5.
  2. thank you moderators for the replies. i guess it may be a good idea to send the link to honda. do they keep an eye on the autocar forum anyway?
  3. Hi all i am a doctor- a neurologist. joined the forum today!! good to see you all here!!
  4. shortly after relocation to india in may 2008, we bought 2 cars from the Pinnacle Honda Kolkata upfront when the dealership just opened for business: mine Honda Civic Automatic (WB02Z reg) and my wife's City Automatic (WB 02Z reg). all the services are only done at the dealership and the City went for the 25,000 km service on 27th June 2010. the car developed the engine overheating problem the very next day i.e, 28th June 2010. the overheating red alert was blinking on the screen. we took the car to the dealership on 29th June. we had been told various things over next 4 days: initially they said it was a problem with the coolant tubing and later on they said the radiator was clogged! i have consulted a standard reference on this given the circumsatnces, the radiator was spoiled at the time of coolant top-up. they may not have flushed the system properly or may have put water into it. my wife, a consultant paediatrician and neonatologist was without her own car for 4 days while the dealership was looking into the problem! the radiator was not replaced under warranty although it was clearly their fault as the car never had any overheating problem until the service. apart from damaging the car's radiator etc, the service guys broke and dented an area on the underside of the City on 27th june, which they have repaired presumably free of charge. we have been charged for a replacement car and nearly 3000 INR for 'cleaning' the radiator! we emailed the dealership, Honda Customer relationship but to date i have not received any reply. clearly, Honda doesn't care and take its customers for granted! they also turn blind eyes to the dealership taking customers for a ride. when time comes to change our cars, we shall vote with our feet!