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  1. Need some advice on which SuV/softroader to buy... I already have a Fortuner and am very happy with it - altho the interior is a bit plain and the Diesel engine a tad noisy. Now due to the nature of our work and travel, we find ourselves needing another SuV...Budget is again 20 Lacs. GM & Ford are out as I've had a bad ownership experience with GM, and dont trust American car makers. The Honda CRV is too expensive, plus a petrol guzzler from what I've heard. I test drove the 2010 Outlander and found it impressive, but am again put off by its petrol engine and no manual option - (I prefer stickshifts). I believe Volkswagon is planning to launch an SuV in the 16-20 Lac category, anyone know any details on this. I have seen pics of the Skoda Yeti but find it weird looking. Any advice?
  2. Yes - have sold both Optra's for peanuts - haven't sold the Aveo Yet as one of my nephews asked if he could have it for a while - Aveo was just lying around unused anyway as no one wanted to drive it. I will sell of the Aveo soon too - I dont expect to get anything much for it - but i want to be rid of it fast
  3. Dont buy GM cars - all these free services, warranties etc they are offering are just gimmicks. I had the normal 50,000 KM warranties of both our Optra's as they were bought back in 2004. All the major problems only cropped up once both cars had done about 60,000 KM. Both Optra's were well maintained and driven on an average 10,000 KM a year. All services were done at an authorised service station on time. Besides the major mechanical failure's we experienced there were a number of other smaller irritants to deal with like the brake lights failing, interior control panel lighting failing, the fuel gauge on one optra failing. Just a horrible ownership experience overall and we will never ever buy any GM product again - I've also told this in detail to any friend or business associate who was stupid enough to consider GM. Now I also have a 2005 V model Toyota Innova and a 2006 model Honda city. The Innova has done 1,30,000 KM's of mostly highway driving including a 2 week trip to Leh-Ladakh and various other trips to the remote mountains of Himachal - till date there has been no mechanical problems with the Innova - not one. It still drives so well, and the interiors look so good that no one who drives it will feel he is driving a 5 year old car that has done 1.3 Lac KM's...that is how good the Innova is and that is why we refuse to sell it - despite getting huge offers. My sister also bought a Honda city 2006 model for herself - the Honda has now done 80,000 Km's and has again like the INNOVA been totally hassle free. We now have bought the Fortuner and a Automatic Altis and know that both these cars will give us solid service without worries. I regret the day we made the mistake of falling for GM's gimmicks of good looks, supposed good features and low prices - learn from my ownership experience of 3 GM cars and STAY AWAY FROM GM.
  4. Stay away from all GM Cars. We are a large extended family and needed to replace 2 cars in 2004 and one in 2005. We ended up buying 2 1.6 Optra's 2004 models and a 1.6 top end Aveo 2005 model. While the Optra's seemed decent enough in the beginning - We immediately know the Aveo was a horrible, horrible car with horrible suspension, a crappy gearbox and to top it all it turned out to be a guzzler. The Optra's seemed fine for a while till we hit the 60,000 Mileage mark - things steadily went downhill since then - first some godforsaken chip had to be replaced in both optra's costing us a bomb - then a hugely expensive service - then the A/C's packed up - then on one Optra the Fuel pump or something failed - that had to be changed for nearly 20,000 Rs - since they crossed 60,000 both cars have experienced serious mechanical failure and some part or the other fails - brake lights, headlamps. We have now sold both the Optra's for next to nothing - as they have no resale value while i will get rid of the Aveo soon too. We also have a Innova - going strong at 1.3 Lacs KM with no problems at all and a Honda City which has done 80,000 hassle free Km's. The GM dealership in town recently approached us for the CRUZE - HAHA - STAY AWAY FROM GM people - their cars might look good and be feature packed but they are of useless quality. Now i know why they went Bankrupt in the US and should have collapsed if the US Govt hadnt bailed them out. Stick to JAPANESE and GERMAN engineered cars if you truly want a hassle free ownership. We have now bought a Fortuner and an Altis and both cars are superb...