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  1. After month long research and visiting lots of showroom, we finally zeroed on Hyundai Grand i10 sportz petrol . I was bowled over by the VFM it offers, the interior space and quality, amount of features and not but not the least Hyundai's no-nonsense ASS. Initially I was more inclined towards buying a diesel model, but in the end it didn't make any financial sense to shell out an extra lakh rupees as petrol-diesel price gap has been decreasing on regular intervals. Mods: Please change the topic of this thread.
  2. I always wanted to know why car manufacturers offer heavy discounts on car exchange. How is it profitable for them if someone exchange his/her own car? If exchanged car standing outside car showroom considered as unsold inventory? thanks.
  3. OK guys...sorry for the long wait, but I decided to TD following cars and here is my initial post TD review. The cars I took for TD are:- 1. New VW Polo (Comfortline)-Aprrox 615000 on road, Delhi 2. Fiat Punto Evo (Dynamic 1.2)- Approx 560000 on road, Delhi 3. Hyundai Elite i20 (Sportz)- Approx 650000 on road, Delhi While checking out Elite i20 I decided to TD Grand i10 as well because it has same engine and same features as of elite i20. 4. Hyundai Grand i10 (Sportz)- Approx 5,40000 on road, Delhi 5. Honda Brio (V MT)- Approx 534000, on road, Delhi -First of all I was really shocked to know that a korean car Hyundai elite i20 was most expensive car of the lot. But the price compensate the amount of features, space and comfort it offers. Elite i20 can accomodate 3 adults easily on the back seat. It has big boot to accomodate 2 medium bags with great ease. The area where it was a big let down was the initial response of petrol engine. You have to rev hard to make it touch 55-60 kmw/ hr. But there's a good punch in this engine when it crosses 60 km/hr. I couldn't touch the speed of 80 km/hr as I was driving in Delhi's traffic as I wanted to confirm if this car still have high speed stability issue or not. - Then came the turn of Hyundai Grand i10. I was really impressed with this car. It has same features as of elite i20 and is 1 lac cheaper as well. I took it for a spin and surprisingly I didn't face any initial power lag as I faced in elite i20. When I asked the representative regarding the same he had no idea about it. May be it was due to the difference in the weight of both cars. I was also really impressed with the interior quality and there was adeqaute space for 4 adults and enough boot space for a short weekend trip. Though rear AC vents can be useful in summers but it does eat up the space in the back for the middle passenger. Few things I wish sportz model would have is Bluetooth connectivity, rear wiper and driver seat height adjuster. - Then I went to VW showroom and as expected it was farely empty. I took VW Polo for a spin and I did find the response of petrol engine similar to what I experienced in elite i20. There was an inadequate initial response and once it reaches 60 km/hr, engine comes into play. I really liked the build up quality as you can hear the THUMP while closing the doors. There were lots of feature on comfortline trim like ABS, Hight Adjustable driver's seat, All Power windows, Electically Adjustable rear view mirrors, CD/MP3 player with USB/AUX, Remote controlled central locking, multi-functional display etc to name a few. I was really tempted to book this car then and there, but my brother asked me to inquire about its ASS first. Then we went to its service station which was at the back of the same showroom. We enquired about the petrol ASS with few customers that were present there. They told us initially they were happy to know that this car needs service after every 15000 kms. BUT everytime they bring their car for service, it usually cost them Rs.12000-15000 on an average per service which I did find pretty expensive. One more issue with the car was back seat space and boot space. The car cannot accomodate 4-5 adults or a family of 4 if they are going on a short weekend trip. - Then I went to Honda's showroom to enquire about BRIO. While driving this car, I had mixed feelings. It was like loving and hating someone at the same time. It's engine is a gem with enough power to overtake any car, very responsive, very very agile and highly stable which I didn't find in above mentioned cars. BUT then interor quality is not upto the mark, interior design is pathetic, back space and legroom was OK, adequate for 4 adults, boot space was average. If I can get a good discount on it, ay be I can consider this car, overlooking at its interiors. - Then finally I went to FIAT's showroom and yes it was farely empty as well. To my surprise, they didn't have a petrol model for a TD so I am unable to write my views and experience. But I did check out the car at showroom and I was really impressed with the interior space, build quality, interior's quality and amount of features it has to offer. Conclusion: Equipment wise: I think all of the above cars have adequate amount of features with 90% of similar features in all the cars. Still if I have to rank them equipment wise: ELITE i20>POLO>GRAND i10>PUNTO EVO>BRIO Engine Responsiveness: BRIO>GRAND i10>POLO>ELITE i20 High Speed Stability: POLO>BRIO>GRAND i10>ELITE i20 Space: ELITE i20>PUNTO EVO>GRAND i10>POLO>BRIO Interior Quality: PUNTO EVO>POLO>GRAND i10>ELITE i20>BRIO Exterior: This point may vary person to person, depending on taste and like. POLO>PUNTO EVO>ELITE i20>GRAND i10>BRIO Boot Space: ELITE i20>PUNTO EVO>GRAND i10>BRIO>POLO VFM: GRAND i10>BRIO>PUNTO EVO>POLO>ELITE i20 Please note that these are my personal views and it may vary person to person. I would invite all to provide your valuable inputs.
  4. Maruti, Tata Motors, 12 Others Fined Rs.s. 2,545 Crore by Fair Trade Regulator, August, 26th , 2014 New Delhi: In the first major order against the auto sector, the Competition Commission of India (CCI) on Monday slapped a penalty of Rs. 2,545 crore on 14 carmakers, including Maruti Suzuki and Tata Motors, for violating trade norms in the spare parts market.(Also read: Shares in car makers fall on CCI penalty) Honda Siel Cars India, Volkswagen India, Fiat India Automobiles, BMW India, Ford India, General Motors India, Hindustan Motors, Mahindra & Mahindra, Mercedes-Benz India, Nissan Motor India, Skoda Auto India and Toyota Kirloskar Motor have also been penalised. In a 215-page order, fair trade watchdog CCI has imposed a penalty totalling Rs. 2,544.64 crore on the 14 auto companies. For each entity, the individual fine amounts to 2 per cent of their average turnover. The penalty is to be deposited within 60 days of receipt of the order. Nissan Motor India spokesperson declined to comment on the order. Comments from 13 other companies could not be immediately obtained. A detailed investigation revealed that these car companies violated competition norms with respect to their agreements with local Original Equipment Suppliers (OESs) as well as in terms of pacts with authorised dealers. Through these agreements, the carmakers "imposed absolute restrictive covenants and completely foreclosed the after-market for supply of spare parts and other diagnostic tools", the regulator said. CCI also said that it found that these companies, which were found to be dominant in the after-markets for their respective brands, abused their dominant position affecting around 2 crore car consumers. "The 14 car companies were found to be indulging in practices resulting in denial of market access to independent repairers as the latter were not provided access to branded spare parts and diagnostic tools which hampered their ability to provide services in the aftermarket for repair and maintenance of cars." The fair trade watchdog has also directed the carmakers to "cease and desist" from anti-competitive practices. According to the regulator, having a monopolistic control over the spare parts and diagnostic tools of their respective brands, the car companies charged arbitrary and high prices for their spare parts. "The car companies were also found to be using their dominant position in the market for spare parts and diagnostic tools to protect their market for repair services, thereby distorting fair competition," it said. Among the 14 carmakers, the maximum fine of Rs. 1,346.46 crore has been slapped on Tata Motors, followed by Maruti Suzuki (Rs. 471.14 crore), Mahindra & Mahindra (Rs. 292.25 crore) and Toyota Kirloskar Motors (Rs. 93.38 crore). Among others, a fine of Rs. 84.58 crore has been imposed on General Motors, followed by Honda Siel (Rs. 78.47 crore), Skoda Auto India (Rs.46.39 crore), Ford India (Rs. 39.78 crore), Fiat India Automobiles (Rs.29.98 crore), BMW India (Rs. 20.41 crore), Mercedes-Benz (Rs. 23.08 crore), Hindustan Motors (Rs. 13.85 crore), Volkswagen India (Rs. 3.25 crore) and Nissan Motors (Rs. 1.63 crore). Noting that cars are an intrinsic part of life in today's world, the fair trade watchdog said that owners have to take care of their maintenance over a long period of time with significant financial implication. "As such, anti-competitive conduct of the opposite parties (14 companies) impacts a very large number of consumers in the country estimated to be around two crore," the CCI order noted. "...the anti-competitive conduct of the opposite parties has restricted the expansion of spare parts and independent repairers segment of the economy to its full potential, at the cost of the consumers, service providers and dealers." The regulator also observed that some of these companies have made consumer-friendly commitments in other jurisdictions like Europe but failed to adopt similar practices in India. "This makes their conduct even more deplorable," it said. The regulator has asked the companies to allow Original Equipment Sellers (OEMs) to sell spare parts in the open market without any restriction, including on prices. "OESs will be allowed to sell the spare parts under their own brand name, if they so wish. Where the OPs hold intellectual property rights on some parts, they may charge royalty/fees through contracts carefully drafted to ensure that they are not in violation of the Competition Act," the order said. Besides, they have been directed not to impose any restrictions or impediments on the operation of independent repairers/garages. Further, CCI has suggested that the carmakers may develop and operate appropriate systems for training of independent repairer/garages, and also facilitate easy availability of diagnostic tools. "Appropriate arrangements may also be considered for providing technical support and training certificates on payment basis," it added. While the complaint was only against three companies, others were included in the Director General's investigation due to the prevalence of anti-competitive issues throughout the automobile industry. DG is the investigation arm of the Competition Commission. Officials of different companies stated they would need to study the order. With respect to penalty, CCI said there were some mitigating circumstances including the fact that "many of the opposite parties, though not all, indicated willingness to voluntarily discontinue many of these practices and offer greater choice and freedom to the consumers, repairers and dealers". The fair trade watchdog also mentioned the companies' contention that absence of appropriate legislative and regulatory framework for safety and standards relating to spare parts and after sales services is a handicap vis-a-vis the position prevailing in many other jurisdictions like European Union, France, USA and even developing nations like Brazil, China and South Africa. "This is something which may be separately brought to the notice of the government for appropriate action, which could include suitable legislation and setting up of an appropriate regulator as stated earlier in this order," the order said. A copy of the order would also be sent to Ministry of Road Transport and Highways and ACMA (Automotive Component Manufacturers Association).
  5. Thanks all for valuable suggestions. I am not considering swift because it has a pathetic build up quality especially front and rear bumpers. I had swift petrol (with esteem enigine) for 2 years and all I did was keep fixing its bumpers, sometimes from authorized service centre, sometimes from local mechanic, so all and all it was a bad experience. I still hear same problem from current users of swift. I will TD elite i20, punto, brio and polo this weekend and will share my views.
  6. Dear Friends I am planning on buying a petrol hatchback under 6.5 lacs. Please find information and provide your suggestions. What's my budget- Rs. 6.5 alcs Kms Driven monthly- 1000-1200 Kms Bodyshell- hatchback City/ HIghway Split- 80:20 Max no of Passengers-1(most of the time, me) Boot space importance- Naah Safety- is priority Prime requirement- FE/Maintanaince/driving pleasure/Features Softcorner Manufacturers- none I know in following price bracket I have few options like elite i20, new polo, punto evo, swift (not considering) but none of these cars are fun to drive. Thanks.
  7. Can anyone tell me where can I find first review or road test of elite i20? I need to know if stability at high speed and bumby shockers been taken care of or not. Thanks.
  8. I don't see any actual consumers interested in following product except for fleet owners atleast for coming few months. I appriciate what TATA has done and achieved with this product but the problem is not about selling the product, it's about providing a reliable and stress free after sales service which is still not upto national (yes national, not international) standards.
  9. Koreans>Japanese>Indians>Italians>US>Germans
  10. Sorry new POLO, my heart goes out to new i20. Looking at the pictures it seems like its going to have a bigger boot, may be biggest in its class, I hope they don't increase the cost of new i20. Launch it with Verna's 1.6 CRDi 120ps engine in a bracket of 9 lacs with AMT and I will be first one to buy it.
  11. @leorahi @kuntal thanks guys!!!
  12. Started working with Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) in Delhi. My job will be to work towards the growth and implementation of Green Building concept among buildings, homes, societies, schools, etc.
  13. I believe Hyundai can open up another segment in between i20 and Verna by launching above HB2O sedan. There's still a price gap of Rs.1,50,000 between petrol i20 and petrol Verna (i20 Asta (O) vs Verna 1.4 VTVT CX) and a big price gap of Rs. 200,000 between diesel i20 and diesel Verna (i20 Asta CRDi vs Verna 1.4 CRDi CX ) It would make sense to launch following sedan with a 1.4 diesel engine with a premium of 80,000-100,000 above i20.
  14. Really dissapointed with the pricing...was hoping to buy, will wait for mini SUV from Hyundai...
  15. You can compare both cars by following points: i20 -Great space, enough for 5 people -Great value for money -Great ASS, cheaper than VW -Enough boot space for short trips -Underpowered petrol engine -Fit n finish not at par with VW Polo -Built, fit n finish at par with international standards -Less leg room, only for 4 passengers -less boot space -engine still underpowered but not as refined as i20 -more safer than i20, built wise and feature wise -people I know having polo not happy with ASS, it has frequency of service after every 15000kms and average bill amount comes out to be 15000-2000 Conclusion If you have running of 500-1000kms per month then only go for Polo or else go for i20.