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  1. Hello All! In Aug,2011, I purchased Beat diesel and like to share my overall experience with this car. The car has done 20000kms already in 9 months and is going stronger. Pros: I know you won't agree with me on this part but this is a very peppy car to drive, in both city and highway, with adequate torque to overtake and manuver. Handling is good, till it reaches 120km/hr, and you start loosing confidence. Interiors are perfect with excellent quality plastic, nice looking central speed console, average sound system and speakers (blue elumination looks swell at night ) Head room and rear leg room is adequate for someone with height of 5"10. Great headlights and foglamps Cons: Lilltle unhappy with build quality as rear doors have already started making noices while opening and closing. Very less boot space (if you compare it with luggage space of i20) No temperature meter in central speed console (or I am unable to find it). Front bumper is more vulnerable to scratches. Conclusion: Its a great car to buy and own, won't trouble you if you keep a good care of her. I need to upload some pictures, please help me with that!!
  2. Guys I found e-broshure of all new sonata on Hyundai's India site I think it is ready for the launch pretty soon!!!
  3. So guys, I went to Auto Expo 2012 held at pragati maidan, Delhi today and what mentioned below is my impression of various manufacturers that took part in Auto Expo MarutiThere was a prototype named XA alpha which draw most of the audience along with new Ertiga MPV which looked more like stretched Swift, had interiors of swift, had engines of swift, but I know it will sell like hot cake, though no disclosure on pricing yet. Besides that nothing was exiting except few models(yes, I am talking about female models) HyundaiThe biggest space that any manufacture had in auto expo to showcase their cars was undoubtly Hyundai. It was a mix blend of old and new models. The cars on display were all the existing models, and some new models like new sonata (very promising), new elentra (verry promising), concept car hexa space(oddly designed) and some sexy looking concept hatchback (sorry i forgot its name) RenaultThe new cars that were showcased in Renault stable were new Duster,new pulse hatchback (more like JUDWAA of micra), and fully electric concept sports car named Dezir which gave us a hint how future sports car would look like, very very promising. Else all were existing models which I didn't paid any attention. HondaI got only one word for this. DISSAPOINTMENT. It felt like Honda took part in Auto-expo just to do two things, first, display new Honda City (didn't feel or noticed anything new about it) and second, to do marketing of Brio. To get the picture, there were 5 brios on display, 1 civic, 1 accord and 1 ANHC. I felt like I was in a showroom more than being in Auto expo. More to come...............
  4. At high speed, yes, but I would say it's a pretty peppy car.
  5. Beat diesel all the way. I am getting approx average running of 560-580 kms in full tank(31-32 lts) which mostly consists of commuting between delhi-gurgaon in peak hours. Pickup is awesome for a 1ltr car, plus you can also take it on highways.
  6. Don't look beyound Beat diesel if your driving mainly consists of City. I am getting around 16-17 kms/hr in the city. Will post review very soon.
  7. How about Daewoo Ceilo. It was most desirable car in its time. Should plonk it with new petrol or diesel engines and can see it vroom around the street.
  8. Look no further than Vento TDi. Its best sedan, blend of build quality and performance with max leg space and decent boot place with rear A/c vents.
  9. I bought beat diesel on 12th August, 2011. The problem is two of the rims are getiing slightly tilted due to which car allignment is getting effected. Should I contact the chevy people, does it come under warrenty or should I just go to prviate company and get it rectified?
  10. I got 3M films done on my car which did cost me 2500 and which came under govt. norms.
  11. I did my graduation from Australia and most international students are opting for International business or marketing as their major. I think these two feilds going to stay for long.
  12. It cost me 5,45,000(on road delhi), from Autovikas.
  13. Hey Guys I've booked Beat Diesel LT model(white) and was told that I'll get my delivery in one week. I never saw so many people in chevy showroom before. Atleast there were 50 odd people who came there to inquire about beat diesel. Salesman told us that most of the people are going for LS model and it has 2 months of waiting specially for white and silver colour.
  14. I think it's a fight between Equipment list(Beat LT) with bigger engine and space(Ritz VDI). As far as fuel economy is concerned it will be out in few months that which car delievers the most per km. As far as I am concerned Ill go for Beat Diesel LT as I drive in city only(approx 60 kms everyday), So I think it will be perfect car for me.
  15. After the price launch of Beat Diesel, which one is better VFM? Chevy Beat Diesel LT model or ritz vdi?
  16. Went to Chevy showroom for a test drive. The car was really silent on idle and pickup was good in city traffic. There was a little bit of lag after 3rd gear but overall a good experience. Sales person told me to expect its pricing to be over 80-90k over its petrol sibling. That means the pricing will be close to Ritz and Figo.
  17. Once my Dad went to Maruti showroom to enquire about a car and sales person started making loud statement on Maruti's ASS and its availability in every corner of the country. when he finished my Dad said:"Only those car need too many of service station who faces problem frequently and those who breakdown easily." The sales person didn't have any comeback comment for that.
  18. I want to highlight one more thing here. I am an Autocar subscriber for the last 3 years but I joined Autocar Forum 10 months ago. We get news of Scoop or test drive or new car launching on website much earlier than magazine and when we actually read the magazine we already know most of the articles in the magaizne as we have already read it on forum. Thus it makes a dull experience while reading a magazine.
  19. Bad pricing for world class product. I think they didn't notice recent Honda price cut or competitive pricing of fluicidic verna.
  20. Go for Santro. Its a best car for a beginner. Very easy to drive and very peppy and easy to maintain as well.
  21. I think i20 and swift are already competitively priced. We can get swift(vxi) for 4.80 laks and i20(magna) for 5.25 laks with impressive list of equipments and big car like space with the unquotionable ASS. I still feel Jazz will suffer in sales after price cut due to strong consumer's perception of it being overly priced hatch.
  22. This shows that HONDA used to charge insane premuim on their cars from customers and the worst part is people used to pay it with their eyes closed. Honda cars have best engine among its competitiors but average handling with average equipment list. I think Honda should slash City prices by 30k more to make it a fair deal.
  23. I can see Beat Diesel is most awaited car for now. As per telephonic conversation with a Chevy dealer, he said, "you can get LS model of diesel in the price of LT model of petrol "
  24. As we know lot of cars are ready for launch this year. So which car you eagerly waiting for?