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  1. * It's surprising to see Santro selling at 7144 units per month. Still such an effecient and peppy car. *New Verna figures at 4102 tells that in coming months we'll going to have new segment leader. *Etios at 5002 tells that it's going strong day-by-day. *Ambessedor, more than 15 years old model is top seller for Mitshubishi.Shocking!! *Cruze at 860, still leading its segment by big margin. *Nano steady sales of 5452 shows increased faith of customers in this baby. *Verito having steady sales of 1510 shows it still a perfect sedan for middle class. *Honda's rapidly declining sales across all the models a bit of concern for the company.
  2. Great pics anjan. Still I believe it's little bit overpriced if we compare its engine config with other cars. Cabin space and interior quality is phenomenal.
  3. Without any further delay go for Yamaha FZ-S. It'a a great bike with great looks and more than sufficient performance. I find only this bike in India to be a headturner.
  4. Got news from insider that Beat Diesel will going to launch either on 15 or 16th of july and it will have a premium of 50000-60000 over its petrol siblings. Anything more than 50-60k will be disastrous.
  5. Tell him to wait for Beat diesel. Its going to launch in few weeks. He can actually get a diesel hatch for 5 laks with power windows, power steering, central locking, auto ac, integrated music system.
  6. I would suggest you to wait for a month for beat diesel as you already know what this car going to offer.If you can't then go for ritz diesel with closed eyes as its tall boy design with poweful and more than efficient engine best suits indian driving condition.
  7. They won't make the mistake of pricing it as close as figo or ritz diesel. If they do, then people will automatically opt for cars with more powerful engines that they can get at same price.
  8. I have noticed that advertising for Spark and Beat has been intensified as there's advertisement of both in newspaper everyday which shows that GM wants to make them sell in large nos before launching Beat diesel (which again shows that Beat diesel is around the corner) as it may (may not) eat into petrol siblings volume.
  9. 140 kms/hr at delhi-mathura highway in Verna diesel....
  10. 1.4 lt diesel engine verna costs as same as VW vento. It better have some features to overshadow vento though I still believe it is overpriced.
  11. Whatever company says about mileage of the car, the truth is if you drive in city with AC on and practicing normal driving (55-60 max speed on 5th gear, turning off engine when the light is for more than 60 secs, checking up tyre pressure every week), then you can get max of 12-13kmpl. if you are not using AC then make it 15 P.S. I usually get 10kmpl with my i20 in delhi traffic which I think is quiet decent.
  12. I wonder how much city and crv going to cost with diesel engines as both already have premium pricing. May be 9 laks for city S model and 26+ laks for crv. God help them with pricing!!
  13. I really liked the design. according to me the whole concept was to make it cheap, affordable, perfect car for family of 4, and to eat into the segment of other premium hatches like polo, i20, fabia etc.
  14. If sources to be believed the pics shown above is base model which will going to cost 5 laks. Big turn off!!!
  15. The pricing will decide its fate but I think 1.6 lt CRDi engine will cost more than 10 laks..
  16. How come LT model has foglamps and start-stop button??
  17. ishanb1


    We all know about the unfortunate events that happened in Japan and our heart and souls are with those who lost something valuable. The question arises how Japenese auto manufacturers will be affected by it?
  18. New Verna with 1.6 petrol engine is worth the wait. With its sharp exterior and fresh interiors I know it will rule the segment.
  19. I remember that day when logan was launched, people didn't liked its boxy looks inspite of efficient and powerful enough diesel engine . Now after few years toyota launched its entry level sedan with the similar boxy looks and cheap interiors(no diesel option yet) and it received high number of bookings. I thought the days were gone when the people just buy the car because of its brand but i think this concept still somewhat prevails. I still prefer logan over etios.
  20. I am waiting for Beat D(practicality) and new Verna (powerful diesel engine ).
  21. I have no doubt that this is a great car, but I also believe that MSIL should launch more model of Kizashi with less features to make it more approachable to buyers who are looking to buy a car in 15 laks.
  22. Diesel:Go for Cruze , you will get LTZ model for 15.05 laks on road which have lots of features like auto climate control , sunroof, start/stop button and it has a powerful diesel. Petrol: Lots of options, Civic: honda badge , great resale value, great interiors. skoda laura tsi: new model has been launched for 12 laks(ex-showroom), may be its pricing may attarct you to buy it but ASS is an issue. Corolla: Its G model can be for you, it has everything which you expect from the car of this segment.
  23. Go for sx4 without thinking much. Maruti ASS and peace of mind is a great factor to choose this car and has very justified pricing.
  24. If SX4(vdi) going to be priced at 8 laks, I will automatically opt for vento for obvious reasons. Please MSIL think about your pricing strategies and then go ahead with it.
  25. wait for few days if you can as Beat is on its way with new smart tech engine and I think it's the most VFM car in hatch segment