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  1. If a customer buy this premium luxury saloon overlooking it's price tag, the main challenge for MSIL would be it's ASS because we(Indians) are still not mentally ready to accept that maruti cars are expensive to maintain, at least I am not.
  2. 16.50 ex-showroom = 18.40 on road (Delhi) approx 17.50 ex-showroom = 19.50 on road approx
  3. If it will come as a CBU, price would be between 20-22 laks including duty and everything, still worth every penny.
  4. I don't know how this pricing will work among Indian buyers but ACI estimated its price between 17-18 laks.
  5. The main challenge for them would be that how much they keep the price difference between each variants of beat diesel. I hope I can get my hands on beat diesel LT model for sub 5 lacs.
  6. I think Mitsubishi should launch its small car COLT in India. it can be game changer for Mitsubishi
  7. Go for scorpio. Its tried and tested vehicle and many satisfied customers. Still if you want to consider Aria then I would suggest you to wait for its ownership experience.
  8. I am not sure if it would be least experience to maintain as it is CBU. In USA it starts from usd19000 (approx 9 laks), so I would like to see it in price bracket of 13-16 laks. Pricing going upto the mark of 16 laks will be a disaster. As MSIL is new to this segment (after failure of grand vitara) , they desperately needs skimming pricing (pricing it lower than its competitors to acquire market share for this segment ) or penetrating prices (pricing it on the same level of its competitors to penetrate in this segment). P.S. I don't know if Kizashi has any competitors in this segment according to engine and lengh or space comprability but think it will compete with itself in this segment. Good Luck to MSIL.
  9. Is it just me or this car looks quite familiar to next gen i10 from the front?
  10. Just received a phone from sales person. Will get it by 30th or 31st.
  11. @driftpunk, let me clarify my friend. I have driven almost every car in India and even own honda city for 3 years and I can tell you honda cars are most unstable cars of the lot, don't believe me drive a VW car and a honda car(you can choose any model) or even you can test honda city with verna and drive it above 90 kms/hr and you'll know what I am talking about. These cars are only selling because of you know "bhed chaal". no offense.
  12. ok guys. thanks for your valuable suggestions. Zeroing on Cruze LTZ model, white colour which cost approx 15 laks (on-road delhi) but getting 50k discount(35k money discount +15k first year insurance). will try on getting more discount.
  13. @sb-alto we already have verna crdi model so that's why not considering that segment. @pranab not condering suvs and muvs because its only tata aria in the bracket of 14-16 laks and we clearly hate tata badge and its overall refinement as we had a bad experience with tata earlier. other option can be skoda yeti but it won't fulfill all criteria. @dinesh and driftpunk, thanks for your suggestions . took a TD of both cars and all I can say is cruze is more quick, laura is more stable, cruze has more goodies thus VFM, you get more confidence while driving laura.
  14. Hi. I am planning to buy a diesel sedan and shortlisted Cruze and laura .The criteria is as follow: 1. has to be diesel as we need it mainly for highways. 2. has to be powerful, strong, big boot with enough space for 5 individuals. 3. doesn't care about resale value as we would keep it for at least 5 years 4. maintenance would be big question as diesel need more maintenance with competitive spare pricing. Any suggestion would be appreciated. Thanks
  15. I think Etios will break Honda city's resale value as well. No one will buy a second hand City when they can get a brand new toyota at the same price.
  16. Went to Skoda showroom few weeks back for checking out Yeti and the service center was in the back of the showroom. The people who came for servicing their skodas weren't looking so happy. hope it will solve your query.
  17. KUDOS to MSIL for bringing such car into Indian market as it will open another segment for entry level luxury sedans and will break Indian customer's perception about MSIL luxury cars, thus helping to improve its brand image.
  18. just one suggestion. *Use your mind instead of using your heart* while buying second hand car
  19. Beat LT model (red or white colour) any day with custom fitted alloys, reason being futuristic design, great VFM, less ASS cost, 3 year free service (though you have to pay 13k extra for that, but it's worth it), and second of all few of my friends have this car and they are highly satisfied.
  20. I had a same problem with my car. Drive it for 1 month and steering will be normal again..
  21. Is it just me or everyone feels like that etios is very similar to toyota echo which was discontinued 10 years ago...
  22. check out i20 sportz model and compare it with other cars. you'll know the difference. And I have i20 as well. There's no problem with AC and steering rattling sound has been taken care of in 2nd service free of cost.
  23. I know it's a very capable car, but still Toyota has compromised with looks to make it VFM which I think is not a complete package. I won't spent 5 grants for an ugly car.
  24. Same thing happened to me. I booked polo petrol highline. I was told that polo will be delivered to me in 3 months. But after waiting for 4 months I canceled my booking and opted for i20.
  25. This offer is going around since September and everytime they extend it for one month. I hope it won't end till they launch Beat Diesel.