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  1. TD Mahindra xylo, it suits your budget..and your requirements as well....
  2. It won't be long when TATA will be at no.1 position, just they need to take care of few things like final fit and finish of the cars and noise of their diesel engines.
  3. 1. I have few neighbors who live in a flat and have more than 3 cars parked under their building or here n there and everyday they had a fight with other neighbors for parking space. I know everyone has the right to buy their personal transport but at what cost. My point is that govt. should impose some law that if a person is buying a car he/she should submit some papers that they have an adequate parking space. 2. I was in Australia and what their govt. did was they cut down the fares of public transport on every Sundays so people use more public transport and there would be less pollution.
  4. dude..we cant blame ourselves either..most percentage of people use unlegitimate means to get a driving license without going through proper procedure which includes written and driving test and hence most of the people doesn't have adequate knowledge of driving according to the law. Plus government should impose some law on car buyers that if someone is buying a car, he/she should have a proper space to park their car.
  5. Hey Guys We all know that day-by-day traffic is increasing in urban metro cities of India as well as in fully-developed villages. We can't stop anyone from buying a car or two-wheeler but what do you suggest that we should do about it? My suggestion is to lower the fares of public transport on weekends so people can use it more often and with open heart on Saturday and Sunday which will help in reducing traffic and pollution. Plus people will be encouraged to use public transport more often.
  6. Maruti swift (for creating new segment for hatchbacks) > Tata Nano (solely for the purpose it was made) > Honda City (taking refinement and reliability to next level ) > Toyota Innova (to make us believe that MUVs can ride fine too without compromising on refinement and luxury )
  7. 22 lacs won't be worth buying. It's a 5-seater ,plus Hyundai doesn't have any brand image for such segment. The only few good things about this car are its sober styling and 2.2 crdi engine which will give it adequate power with decent efficiency.
  8. What are the expected price for this car??
  9. Eagerly waiting for beat diesel,but think 1lt diesel engine would be highly underpowered...
  10. Can any VW polo user give his/her ownership experience and cost of sales and services? It would be helpful for those who are waiting for their car or planning on buying one.... Thanks
  11. Hello folks Today we see many 3 cylinder engine cars (hatchbacks) at a very premium price. As i am not an automobile engg. I have a query that doesnt 3 cylinder car should cost less than a 4 cylinder car or it depends on some other factors or is it wise to pay a premuim price for 3 cylinder cars? Thanks
  12. The blue car behind Figo is feista hatchback.So it's going to be here soon..
  13. I m driving Hyundai Verna for the past 3 years and was not facing a single problem just the clutch became hard after 43000kms and I send my car to HIMGIRI Hyundai in Delhi to rectify the problem. What they told me is that we need to change clutch plates. after 2 days I got my car with very light clutch and I was happy until I drove 30 kms after I got my car and there starts the problem. There was no race, no pickup in the car. again I send my car to service station and then these guys told me that some electric charger need to be replaced but before that I never had such problem with my car. I am really dissapointed with hyundai after sales and service as I told them what they have done is no less than fraud and that's not a way to churn out money from your customers. Note from Mod: Use Capital letters where required. Thread Moved to the right section. BornFree2010-08-12 17:31:50
  14. guys you can add on what cars you like to see on indian roads!!! thanks
  15. I was in Australia for two years and I was in love with few hatchbacks there. There road presence were mesmerizing and I love to see them on Indian roads. these cars are: FORD FIESTA HATCHBACK HYUNDAI i30. TOYOTA YARIS note: all pictures are taken from Google and hence only for referencing.
  16. hey guys please help!! how can i upload pictures?
  17. Would we see beat diesel in coming months?
  18. I was going through hatchback's comparison in current August issue of ACI and was shocked to know that BEAT was not there in comparison. I think it's a very potential car though I doesn't own it and I am waiting for its diesel version. What's your take??
  19. which car(hatchback) to buy in diesel? I am really confused which car to buy. i have finalized some options. criteria is price(under 5.5 lacs), efficiency(atleast 12 in city) and service(no need to mention!!). 1. ford figo 2.swift 3.ritz 4.punto
  20. I booked polo petrol(highline) on April 1st and VW people told me the waiting period for the car is 3 months. In the end of the June, I went to VW showroom where i booked my car and then they told me that I will get my car in mid August. I was so pissed off that I canceled my booking on that very moment and opted for i20 sportz model which have more features than polo highline version and at better price. wen I compared the pricing it came out to be that i20 sports model is approx. rs90,000 cheaper than polo highline model with more features and better after sales service. I am just waiting to get some news on polo's after sales service from its customers.