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  1. Great deal you got yourself TSiVipul. The suggestions of TSiVipul and mndvishnu about preowned cars are very valid. I personally know of 4-5 friends who have got great deals( like the 1 by TSiVipul) by buying preowned cars.But if you go for a preowned car you may get a 2-3 year old Civic in great condition in the price of a new ANHC. Nissan, no doubt a good car maker has still not proved itself in the Indian market. Buying a Nissan for availing least depreciation is a bit risky.Among your 2 choices -SX4 and ANHC the ANHC's price will least depreciate. The only problem I see is that in the near future if some car,say the new Fiesta or Verna provides the buyer with a similar quality proposition that the present ANHC provides, the prices of ANHC will depreciate faster as it might lose its monopoly premium of quality and brand that it presently enjoys.
  2. If you can,wait for the 2 new cars- the Verna and the Fiesta. Going by what I have seen and read about them they are 100% worth waiting, especially the new Fiesta. If you fancy the Ford's and can get the new Fiesta Diesel in your budget nothing like it. I strongly feel its worth the wait for these cars. If you can't wait then your short listed cars- ANHC and SX4 D are also good enough choices.I would personally prefer SX4 D over ANHC as its more VFM.But that's a strictly personal opinion. Best of luck.
  3. Having travelled on both Volvo and Garuda coaches I think Tata have the ammunition in Hispano and Marcopolo to take on Volvo,MB in a few years time. No disrespect meant but Tata's must atleast avoid partially if not totally the use of Tata brand name on these products.The Tata brand name changes the brand image immediately. When Volvo first came to India it was a totally unknown entity for the luxury intercity/state operator or traveller.Today it is a predominant player in this segment due to its superior products. In the same way Tata's should market its products under a new brand name; Hispano here.This will avoid travellers carrying forward a prefixed image about the Hispano luxury buses which they have about Tata products at present.
  4. @ Rameshbabu.n, this quote of yours '2 lakh+ capacity per annum at their two plants' is by mistake or have I misunderstood it. Anyways great feat by Maruti. They have been the leaders, in a sense the backbone of the Indian car industry since last 2+ decades. Its only due to the efforts of MS in the initial years that we Indians have got top class products at great prices. If I'm not mistaken MS' turnover from being less than 10% of Suzuki's total turnover a decade back now accounts for about 45-50% of Suzuki's turnover. MS has come a long way and we Indians really 'do go home in a Maruti'.
  5. Thanks 'itssanguine', 'rahul1810', 'dr. nishu' and others for such good pictures and such detailed specs. As expected from a Honda product, very appealing and impressive too. The 90 HP and 20kmpl combo could be a killer one. But but but.... the big question when it comes to Honda in India is their pricing. No doubt their products,especially their designs,engines and build quality is classy and above others but they simply don't bother about pricing. These Honda guys simply don't take the big hints which the Indian car market is giving them time and again. I really feel that Honda is seriously not interested in increasing their market share. They seem pretty satisfied with their present sales volumes. See what HMSI( I think its Honda Motorcycles & Scooters) did in the Indian 2 wheeler market; it is very commendable.They have been able to strike a perfect balance between quality,build,design and and and ....Pricing. See what a waiting period for the Honda Activa. It is really hard to believe that the 2-wheeler Honda co and the 4-wheeler one is part of the same parent. I sincerely hope that this true old fan(myself) of Honda is not disappointed with the Brio.
  6. The Nissan Micra doing about 2000 units while VW Polo doing 3300 units. Is it because Polo is a better product than the plain Jane Micra or is it because Nissan has very little dealership network compared to VW? I feel the 1.6 Polo is an overpriced product for the Indian market while the 1.2 Polo seems only a bit pricy but comparitively underpowered. It is my strictly personal view. The monthly sales of the Eeco strengthens my belief that the Indian consumer still is quite price sensitive,will overlook decreased quality and features if the overall product makes good VFM sense.I feel this reason alone will make products like the Etios,Liva acceptable and may be who knows, even very successful in our markets. These products from Toyota I think will effect the sales of Tata products the most. One 'T' manufacturer is being slowly replaced by another 'T'.
  7. With the Etios and Liva, the 1st impression is that Toyota seems to be playing the old fashioned way... HERD mentality. Just copy the leader in the segments and try to offer that little bit extra in terms of features than the leader(here it is extra space and better FE at same price point).A very safe strategy...No doubt both the models seem to come across as very decent looking,VFM models and hence quite appealing. But this strategy will not work for Toyota in the long run especially when the customer tastes shifts toward segment and game changing products.The Etios and Liva look like 1 in many 'herd' products of their respective segments.
  8. It is surprising, infact shocking to see a German car company with such a poor response.On 1 hand Germans are known for their discipline,quality,capability to handle large,complex engineering projects and who till a couple of months back were the largest exporters in the world; on the other hand VW who is vying to be the world's largest car company by 2014-15 cannot properly handle and deliver cars in such small quantities. So many unhappy customers is certainly not good for VW in such a competitive market as India. I feel this problem is limited to only VW and its subsidiaries as 1 has not heard about serious complaints against Merc, BMW or Audi.
  9. Ritz VXi with ABS is the best of the 3; next in line being WagonR VXi with ABS ( its spacious, has good FE, low maintainance....) if you can ignore its oddish shape, then its truly great VFM. Can also look at the Etios hatchback (looks like another VFM) if you can wait till next year.
  10. The Brio to me looks like a decent to good design.Design looks similar to the Beat.The bottom line is, if it is able to do what a new Swift does (space,driving comfort,FE,maintainance etc....) and even if it is priced 8-10% costlier than a Swift it will be a real success. We Indians will be willing to pay that kind of premium for a "Honda" to be in our garages. The City is a good example. The response to the Brio is very important for Honda's plans and will largely decide the future course for the Honda brand in India. Honda has traditionally had a pretty high ratio of models to their success. So one can expect good quality standard, FE, features in the Brio also.What will be very interesting to watch is how successfully Honda & Toyota can adapt themselves to the needs of the Indian car buyer without compromising on quality, features or diluting their brand equities. Both these car makers are entering segments which are very new to them globally. Both are not known for their small or cheaper VFM cars.
  11. Top 10 October 2010 1. Alto : 32612 2. WagonR : 16952 3. i10 : 15103 4. Swift : 12948 5. Indica : 9732 6. Dzire : 9644 7. Omni : 8564 8. Santro : 8420 9. Indigo : 8292 10.Bolero : 7987 Top 20 11 Hyundai i20: 7642 12 Ford Figo : 7149 13 Maruti Ritz : 6928 14 Maruti Eeco : 6815 15 Maruti Estilo : 4853 16 Toyota Innova : 4516 17 Mahindra Scorpio : 4513 18 Honda City : 4316 19 Chevrolet Spark : 3233 20 Maruti A Star : 3209 Few observations:- a. The surprises in top 10 are Santro, Omni ( quite surprising) and of course Bolero. What a blast the Swift and the Dzire are having, gone into totally different sales orbits. Kudos to Maruti guys. b. I feel the standings of i10 and Wagon-R based on sales figures are not strictly comparable as the sales of Wagon-R contains a reasonable chunk of the Duo while i10 has purely petrol variants. c. Indica has made a strong comeback and sales figures surprised a few. It is to be seen if it can sustain this momentum. d. Great show by the City and Cruze. e. Maruti has 5 winners in the top 10 & 4 in the next 10. I think the only products which by the high sales standards of Maruti can be called unsuccessful are the A* and to some extent the Estilio. f. The only chance that any other company had got in terms of sales numbers to come a close second to the Marutis was Tata Motors with their Nano. This chance seems to fading away real fast.Looks like this Suzuki subsidiary will rule the roost for many many quarters to come. Maruti seems to having not only all the answers ready for its competitors but is actually creating products and categories which its competitors are fighting hard to just about catch up with.
  12. @sgiitk : Heard that Nano has dropped to about 5000 from the peak of 9000! That is absolutely spot on. The real test of Nano will be when it becomes available OTC. Feel that Nano will see its real success only after the launch of its diesel version. Anyhow this is my gut version of the top 10 :- 1 Alto( 800cc & k-10) about 32000 2 i10 3 WagonR ( old Duo & K series) 4 Swift 5 Figo ( it has truly taken the place which was long occupied by Indica, that of a VFM diesel hatchback) 6 Ritz 7 Dzire 8 i20 9 Indigo ( all versions put together) 10 Indica It will be interesting to see the volumes of the new stripped down Versa, seeing quite a few ones on our city roads. Response for the new Polo,Micra,Fabia will also be interesting. If Skoda take good care of the ASS, post purchase maintainance and parts affordability in check then the new Fabia could be a dark horse in closing the gap with numero uno- Swift. The Skoda guys have quoted quite a good price for a good product ie. the new Fabia; now the moves of Skoda will show their seriousness in capturing the premium hatch segment with some neat volumes.
  13. Spot on @ Durango Dude. Really surprised, infact quite shocked to see the pricing. Even if Aria was in the same overall package league as the Innova, still the Innova would clearly out sell the Aria because its a tried and tested "TOYOTA" product. By pricing Aria a segment above Innova, I feel the Tatas have lost their way completely. The Aria will not even give Xylo any serious competition because of its steep price.
  14. By the looks of it the new Fabia appears far more appealing then the present one mostly because of its exteriors,but " a lot has flown under the bridge since" as they say. The Figo and to some extent the Polo, Punto have taken customers away from Fabia. If what is mentioned and written about the new Fabia is true then it can be a real hit if they price it absolutely spot on. I think if the Polo and Fabia have no major differentiating factor then Polo will surely canabilize the new Fabia sales as customers would any day prefer the VW brand. It would also be very interesting to see the effect of the new Fabia on the sales of the top ended i20.
  15. I totally and strongly agree with Rahul1810 about TD of the ANHC. It is anyday a better overall package then a SX4 and the City S MT may just about come in your budget. Surely take a close look at the ANHC before deciding.