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  1. Hi arkboypunk1 Actually I will be transferred to Delhi very soon and there one gets transport allowance instead of a transport. Thats why im confused. Note from Mod: Use correct English while posting.BornFree2010-08-13 19:00:43
  2. hi autoholic surely ur advice will make a huge difference to me but to put things rite the difference in monthly expenses will be to the tune of 1500 x 1.50 = Rs 2250 since that is diff between running cost of petrol n diesel per km (Rs 1.50). thanks a lot for sparing ur time. regards Abhishek ny1 to guide me on CNG?
  3. Dear all, I am an ARMY Officer and even my confusion is the same if i consider my running mileage which is around 1500 km(max) pm and budget i find my pockets suit only two entry level sedans i.e Indigo MANZA and Swift Dzire. However i do not wish 2 buy Dzire since its too common, long waiting period n cramped up at the rear. SO the obvious choice is MANZA but now i am confused as to whether i shud buy a Diesel or a Petrol keeping in view the extra money i have to shell out for buying diesel, higher maintenance of diesel and ofcourse the missing Vroom of a petrol. but is buying a MANZA petrol a sensible option. please advice me as to can i get a CNG kit fitted in a brand new MANZA, whether the warranty will still hold good. if yes then i am going strong for MANAZA petrol or else please guide me thanx
  4. Please tell me if TATA Indigo Manza Saffire is compatible for CNG kit fitment, if sm1 has already got it done then from where and for how much. Also hw much is the mileage and performance drop of the same with CNG....thanks. Thread moved to right section.BornFree2010-07-20 15:20:02