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  1. Dear All, <?:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /> I am looking for your suggestion on behalf of my neighbor on buying a car. He is 32 years old and does not know driving and this will be his first car. His budget is 5.5 L on road and wish to buy either i20 magna petrol or swift Ldi diesel (both are nearly priced & within 5.5 L) as both Hyundai and Maruti service centers are within 1 km distance from his home. This is his first car and his requirements are
  2. Hi FRG, Thanks for all very usefull posts for first time buyers.Im going to book figo this month but want to be little bit experienced buyer, reading your suggestions , so that i wont to give up the game to the dealer. So please let us know the 'step by step' guidence of 'buying car with bank loan', emphasising on different terminologies like form 22, smart card, VIN , dealer invoice, RC book, PUC certificate, pre registration checkup , 'what should a ask for after booking'etc. Pl discuss such things 'when happens'/'why so' manner and also 'how to check bs4 norm prior to booking/on the same day of booking' type topic. I take your suggestion as tutorial for me and also for other first time buyers. Thanks in advance.
  3. Is Ford Figo diesel 1.4L bs4 compliant/certified?
  4. Hi, This is Priyajit from Kolkata, joining this valuable forum to discuss on different topics.