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  1. Nice review. Thanks! Your white Swift has killer looks; in the looks department it defeats the Ford by a country mile, I swear! Also the alloys on Swift looks very sporty. Cool car!
  2. The looks, certainly it is better than the previous Sumo, but still quite boxy and tall boy-ish. Wider front grilles or horrizontal accents in the front and back would have given it a wider and better look. Shame it doesnt have separate lamps for low and high beams instead of combination ones in spite of wide headlamps. And shame that Tata did not even give customers a chance of a 140 bhp option to the customer. I would have gone for the more powerful version had it been available for better perfomance!
  3. I agree that the Merc is classy and have great ride quality, but the BMW is unquestionably the 'ultimate drivers car'! If you enjoy driving, the BMW certainly scores better than the BMW, and refinement is excellent too in the Bimmer. The dash layout and interiors of the Mercedes is very elegant and classy, and the BMW doesnt quite match this. When it comes to servicing; yes, BMW doesnt have an established network like Mercedes in India. All the same expect service costs to be better for the BMW. The service intervels are longer for the BMW although it depends on your driving style. If yor drive it hard, then service intervels are smaller. All the same, expect to do 3 services for the Merc when the Bimmer only would have required 2, for the same mileage. The review at the start of the thread is fair, keep it up! Although it focuses mainly on the negative points rather than the pluses!
  4. I hope Tata introduces the Jag and Land Rover models to India. It will be good to get these prestige brands to the Indian customer. Although Tata has agreed not to manufacture these models in India in the near future, it would still be good, if Tata started manufacturing these models in India solely for India and not for export. That will help keep the costs down for the Indian customer and also give lots of jobs to the Indian public. Hope Tata is listening! Also I hope Tata translates technology used in Jaguar and Land Rover to the Tata cars. It can only be good for Tata and a lot of Indians! Well done Tata, we Indians are proud of you!
  5. Does Toyota have any plans to bring the Auris or Yaris to India? I really like the Auris, it is a really grown up looking small car. It will certainly sell in India if the price is right. It will be a good rich kid's car and a lot of daddies would want to gift their 18 year olds with a reliable and safe small car. And so would a lot ladies love the compact proportions and easy driveablility of the Auris! Come on, Toyota, give us the Auris!
  6. Good work! Hey! Dont you guys see a resemblance to the baby Lexus IS200 which was replaced by a facelifted model less than 2 years back? Certainly the side view looks very similar to the IS200!
  7. gbukman

    Small car !!

    As other people have pointed out, go for the i10 or the Swift. i10 is the car of the year this year and Swift was the car of the year, last year. That tells a lot. And rightly so. Both these cars are new designs and NOT upgrades or facelifts. So they are very good. If you have the money, go for the top variant of car you choose. It is worth the money, considering the safety features and the comforts the top variants offer. And go for the petrol model. It is not worth the extra initail outlay for the diesel unless you do more than 20,000 km per year! Hope this helps. Good luck with your car purchase.
  8. The review is good, thanks FRG! Any information about the automatic version. Any more information will be greatly appreciated. I am sure there are lots of people who wouldnt want the hassle of changing gears in stop-start city traffic. I looking for a good automatic small comfortable car for my aunt. Cant find one. The Wagon R is the only one which is available in the small car segment which is available in automatic, but it has only 3 gears. I suspect the economy and refinement wouldnt be very good. Glad to hear that Hyundai is introducing automatic as an option in the i30. Hope it is a good one!