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  1. I want to buy a bike which is around 150 - 200cc which ranges from 70k-75k pls give me the best suggestions. and the best bike
  2. How much is the exact tyre pressures of Swift Dzire its written 33psi and 29 psi front n back can n e 1 explain Note from Mod: Posts with SMS lingo will be be deleted promptly. Please create the posts in proper English.BornFree2010-10-23 06:20:29
  3. which is probably known as pulsar 220s version the one which was replaced by 200
  4. can any one please tell me the on road price of pulsar 220 street fighter on road in mumbai with mumbai registration
  5. How to wash a car without any liquids or which is the best liquid that helps in shining and removes scratches
  6. no i did a mileage test from maruti so with full A/c i got 15.3km/L
  7. how much according to u must the new car Dzire give VXi
  8. is there n e thing that the service centre people do tuning or something
  9. i am a proper driver i knw of all these precautions but still i changed the petrol pump but its the same
  10. on 24 th july the A/c is fine not a problem not checked since its only 1 month the pick up is excellent no the surrounding is not dusty
  11. i run at the speed of not more than 60 kmph its a petrol version VXi the first service is done
  12. the first service is done i run it at speed not more than 60 kmph its a petrol version
  13. LOW MILEAGE i bought a swift Dzire a month back and its only giving mileage of about 7 - 8 km/L is it ok. or is there something wrong Added: You have not even indicated whether it is diesel or petrol so how can you expect any reasonable comments. sgiitk2010-07-27 05:25:08