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  1. Bad pricing, nothing more then 1.5 lacks is deserved. im getting a 2005 octavia rs for 2.5.
  2. since no edit option, i post again.
  3. I allready posted this 3 weeks back son.
  4. Massegers, i would be very impressed if a guy had massegers for neck, back and feet. Also glow lighting, which would light the car up and could set to dim light. According to me LED lights that makes the car look classy. also a small LCD television is very impresive to. A nice set of rims is a must! From choice of cars, i find sport cars very sexy and appealing. Im not talking of these wannabes doing they honda cities, or making the farting sound of the car! im talking of dodges ! mustangs, supras etc.
  5. Mr. Bala, Please Dont use sms language. its not appropriate to use slang / sms language on this forum. Using 'gonna" is not right! As a recognised contributor, i hope you understand. Please read the following link sir, Dear moderator, Are you sleeping ?
  6. Im starting to believe re-calling in become a way of advertising. Any kind of publicity is good publicity.
  7. 1Lack premuim for polo dilivery in 2-weeks.
  8. None of these will come to our market right ?
  9. So whats the estimated price tag we are looking at ? your opinions
  10. On Diwali, Mercedes Benz is going to launch R-Class premium multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) in India. At present, pictures and details of new R-Class has been leaked by Mercedes-Benz. The price of Mercedes Benz R-Class is approximately Rs. 60 Lakhs at an Ex-showroom Delhi. Mercedes Benz is about to make a completely niche segment in the premium end of the market with the launch of the R-Class in India Mercedes Benz R-Class is seven-seater multi-purpose vehicle with more aggressive front section along with styling cues borrowed from Mercedes' popular SUV and saloon models. Mercedes-Benz R-Class model comes with latest Blue EFFICIENCY technology which is one of the most environment-friendly and economical vehicles in the premium car segment. The mileage of car is around 7.6 l per 100 km, which is approximately 7% less than the fuel economy of the previous model. The first and only variant announced for India launch is Mercedes R350 4MATIC. Specifications and Features of the Mercedes R-Class 2010 in India: Engine Displacement
  11. Good morning! So you decided to wake up now... Congratulations.
  12. Which car is it on the 3rd picture ? Dam that car looks fire from behind.
  13. Remember, you are saying this to a person who has already owned a BMW X6 I havent owned a Beemer X6! i wish i did... owned 3 series out here and 7 in the states.
  14. I dont care for the cars... dont care for the small ones... Just picking it up for fun sake. I love rash driving, cutting through and all thats stuff... So this car would be like a junkie car for me. Thinking of buying it becuase i got an extra parking space free, so whenever i get kicks i will use this car. But it should be value for money.
  15. One of my dads friend is offering me his octavia, 2.0 litre petrol engine, 2004 Model, it has only run 18000 kms, He his an old man who just drives from home to office which is like five kms each way. Recently he claims that he put new tyres and changed the battery. The average is about 6kms. He is asking for 2.75 lacks, Is this value for money. Is it a steel ?? if i sell it after a year, how much would i get ? He has got alot more offers from others, but he giving me the first prefrence, he is giving time till tommorow morning to decide. So guys please reply asap.
  16. 20,000km is alot, You can't call it new anymore! I do not believe your 4th service is free, maybe you have been cheated abit, You cant do much because you have allready paid, so get over it.
  17. Hyundai Motor India Limited (HMIL) will soon launch its much awaited Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) called 'Santa Fe' in India. Hyundai Santa Fe has been given a stylish look from the exteriors and is set to give tough competition for the cars already vying for a market share in the SUV segment. The stylish design is definitely the USP of the upcoming Hyundai Santa Fe which will be launched somewhere around the end of 2010. The price of the car will be somewhere between 18-22 lakhs in the India. The section on Hyundai Santa Fe will bring you up to date on the latest involving the launch of the upcoming luxury SUV, Hyundai Santa Fe Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) 154 bhp Engine type V6 Engine. 2.7L Petrol and 2.2 L Diesel Cylinders 4 Displacement 2656cc Max. Power (Ps at rpm) 185@6000 Max. Torque (Nm at rpm] 183@4000 Transmission> Transmission 5 Gears Manual Chassis Braking System Anti-Lock Breaking System (ABS) Brake Front Ventilated Brake Rear Disk Break Steering System Power Steering Tyre Size 16
  18. Personally i didnt like the Jazz, but because of the hybrid, im going to reconsider. I wouldnt buy the car if its more then 10-11 lacks ex-showroom.
  19. My uncle is one of the directors of BMW india, well he claims but i dont know how sure is he.
  20. Some good news in limited amount. Guess, Mini cooper is coming to india, infact one of my relatives is bringing it down. Im super exicted but nothing before 2012. Just thought i would share it with some of new.
  21. Blame the goverment! they so slow with infrastructure.
  22. I would suggest getting the vento, its diffrent, more classy. You give a statement. The city is also good but then way to common. Well if your intrested, i think one of my friends is looking to sell his honda accord, the good part, he is selling it at your budget. 2007 Model, i think he is asking for around 10 lacs. Mumbai registration though.
  23. Hi, I need to change my tyres for the getz, Basicly my driving is cutting through the traffic, someties driving fast and once a week on the highway. I live in mumbai, so pot holes another issue. Best tyre upgrade and prices ? Also is there anyway i could fit in an AUX cord ?