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  1. As S cross fail to gain momentum, will maruthi brought vitara to india
  2. renault cars are very comfortable and vfm, but in kerala the service of renault done by tvs. very poor in service and high amount for service cost. They cant fix minor problems like a/c waste water leakage etc.
  3. hyundai suv ix25 will launch december this year( acording to one show room in cochin)
  4. i think toyota introduce a new and big engine for innova(3ltr engine of fortuner). Look at the first spy shot, i think they fit the 3ltr engine in old engine is bigger than 2 ltr engine the bonnet was to cut to fit the engine.
  5. automatic cars are boon in indian trafiic and amt gear box is much cheaper than cvt gearbox, but car manufactures not producing diesel automatics below 10lakh what is the reason
  6. problem with mahindra vehicles are(my personal experience)1.low build quality and reliability. 2. high service cost. 3. poor service. 4. poor handling and brake.
  7. sreeraj

    new duster

    will renault bring automatic duster to india.( Acording to car dekho there is a posibility )
  8. From a reliable source from banglore, we can expect an automatic innova
  9. Face lifted innova will display tomorrow at nippon toyota, kalamassery(cochin) show room.
  10. renault service by tvs, which is costier than nissans service. So the price difference is no matter if you use your car about 80000km.
  11. There is mistake in my earlier post about 2 innova automatics found in a showroom. One is innova and the other car is avanza automatic 5 seater.Both cars enteres in showroom about 5.30pm and and back after 3 hrs. I can't get much information from showroom.
  12. sorry for a mistake in my post. one car is avanza 5 seater other is innova.
  13. unfortunatly second row seat side windows are butterfly type(like evaliya)
  14. avanza in india with only five seat.
  15. Diesel automatic innova is available in gulf countries
  16. Not modified vehicles, both cars covered by plastic sheet and not allowed to take photos. One gx and one vx innovas.
  17. It will be a great car if above 4 meter.
  18. Two production ready automatic Innovas found in Toyota's Nettoor show room last month. Show room's technical leader test driven both cars. Many changes(interior and exterior) in those cars.
  19. Please avoid scorpio and xuv 500 because of poor ride and handling,high maintainance cost and poor service from tvs. These suv s will suit you only if you upgrade from old ambassodor