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  1. Well, guiguiswiss, you have answered your question yourself. It is nothing but an indica with a boot and some enlarged wheelbase which makes it even more spacious. @ RKI Even the vista comes with the same fiat 1.3 MJD engine.
  2. Fiesta hatch will never come here. It will be the sedan version that will come here. So if you want a hatch, go for i20.
  3. In simple words Pink Colour.
  4. Wasnt this supposed to be a Station Wagon?
  5. That isnt reckless. Thats just sheer pure SKILL.
  6. Not yet available anywhere in the world.
  7. Congrats, buddy. It is the best bike in the country. I envy you, dude. Will I get a ride when I visit Bombay?
  8. My advice Get an Auto 'Box Keep one foot on brake and one on throttle. Forget accidents.
  9. Jazz is the best if you dont value the lives of the rear occupants. Thats why it comes with just 2 airbags. i20 comes with 6.
  10. Jazz is just another hatch but i20 is at another level. Jazz should not be even considered. I respect and totally agree with your decision to buy i20.
  11. Is the B3310 Corby Mate? If yes, does it come with noise-cancellation earphones?
  12. I envy you dude. I have been drooling over the phone.
  13. @ bala your poll is messed up. You have included the beat, but no figo or i10. Why? Anyways, for my next car, its between these two.