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  1. Then Pulsar 135LS only I guess.. will post soon! Thanks
  2. I am going for my first bike. As an engineer,I can see from specifications of SZ that yamaha is the best bet,and my personal viewpoint about yamaha is that this world class company xcls in quality. But since the last decision wud be of my dad's, he will go with bajaj only (Hamara bajaj really clicked at that time). Don't want to bet my money on a newer bike that has not been tested by indian people. No offence to yamaha lovers, Its the best although!
  3. Apart from you people over internet, everyone I personally know has been saying that yamaha is not good in terms of its maintenance. You don't get on the road maintenance for yamaha at every mechanic, and you need some special mechanics for a yamaha. Many times, only Yamaha service works. Apart from that, the spares are costly as well. Is this all true?
  4. Okay.. my friends and relatives had bad experience with yamaha. So I may nit opt for that. What about pulsar 135 ls. What do you guys say?
  5. Is SZ already out in the market? No details are there on yamaha website. Also, I found initial reviews of discover very good.
  6. But what about maintenance? I have heared that maintenance of Honda and Yamaha are costlier. Is this true? All my friends having discover have very good experience regarding bajaj's service and durability
  7. Hey Guys, I am planning to buy a bike this month and I have shortlisted Discover 150 and Honda CB twister as per my requirements. I want style but I don't want to compromise upon reliability, durability and power. Which one should I go for?