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  1. @gurrala74, Even I feel the same with Ritz but its quiet bumpy even in speed breakers just like i10. Even Brio feels the same but not the case with new swift. Ride quality is pretty good. Due to financial situation I am planning to buy car after 2 to 3 months. Probably by that time, we can see Ritz facelift. I hope they improve the suspension
  2. I'm from chennai and my way to office is completely damaged. Further you can find speed breaker for every 50 mts. It will be the worst route but I don't have any other choice. Is indica vista equally reliable compared to Ritz? Because I can lot of positive reviews regarding Vista's suspension. I need to go for a test drive though. Durango Dude2011-08-11 01:43:12
  3. @sanjithchandran: Thanks for your inputs. I actually had i10 6 months back but sold it mainly because of the bumpy ride. I got back pain because of i10's bumpy ride. So I want to buy some hatchback with best/plush ride quality. Also I want a a car with traffic friendly character (tall boy designs usually have) I thought Ritz would be a good choice
  4. Thanks for all of your inputs I will try to test drive Ritz from some other dealer. After all of your inputs I feel that the car which they gave for test drive was not in a good condition.
  5. @sanjithchandran: Thanks for your feedback. Could you please elaborate more on ride comfort? I mean how's the suspension over sharp speed breakers, deep potholes etc. Today I had a test drive of Ritz ZXI and I felt all potholes,sharp bumps etc. I'm not sure if thats due to the car's poor condition. Do you have any idea if its better than new Wagon R?
  6. As you said Beat is better than Ritz in terms of suspension but Maruti's ASS is leagues ahead of Chevrolet and thats the reason I'm more inclined towards Ritz or any other car in Maruti Stable
  7. Hi I need a small clarification regarding Ritz suspension. I am getting mixed reviews. In many reviews including autocar I can see that Ritz suspension is soft and absorbs pothole and other patches easily but in team-bhp forums I can see that Ritz has bumpy ride quality Could anyone in this forum please clarify whether Ritz has good ride quality or not? Thanks Visanj Thread moved.BornFree2011-10-29 15:43:40
  8. Does Micra AT or Brio AT coming to India? When I spoke to sales person (both honda and nissan) they told me that mostly they won't launch AT in India. I am not sure what is hindering them to launch AT in India? In every website that talks about Brio/Micra I can see atleast 2 or 3 comments asking for AT
  9. I tried once again but not getting any response from Chevrolet dealers I'm going for Wagon R as I had test drive today and I was really impressed by its cycle-like behavior (light controls, good visibility and easily manoeuvrable) and soft suspension as well. I am wondering how come I didn't get this ride quality in Figo, Fabia etc though Wagon R was in worst condition (16kms and I heard ratting sounds). I'm thinking to go for Wagon R itself as it seems my main requirement is ride quality and I don't drive more than 50kmph and I don't drive in Highways even in weekends. So stability is not a concern for me. I am looking for a car which rides well within city speed limits. Thanks a lot for all of your opinions and suggestions. Your suggestions were really helpful Now could anyone please let me know which is the best maruti dealer in chennai? ----------- No salutations please.sgiitk2011-04-08 11:05:27
  10. Thanks a lot for your inputs I'm seriously considering Beat now. But I'm trying to call GM (KLN/Sundaram Motors) for test drive but they are not responding properly. If Sales is so lethargic I am wondering how the ASS will be
  11. Thanks a lot for all of your inputs I had a test drive of Ford Figo and to my surprise ride is quiet bumpy and its not soft even when compared to Wagon R. I dont' know why the Figo is like that Let me have a test drive of Beat as I think both beat and my current i10 shares same dimensions. Thanks again for your inputs
  12. Thanks a lot for all of your suggestion but due to space constraint in my residence I can't park a car with more than 1600mm wide (my current i10 is the maximum size which I can park). So Could anyone please let me if I have any other option as the cars which you suggest are minimum of 1600mm wide. Do I have any other option other than Wagon R which has superior ride quality over bumps/potholes? Thanks Visanj
  13. Hi I'm going to replace my existing i10 for new wagon r as i10 is too bumpy. I feel Wagon R is better but I'm going for VXI which has 14 inch wheels but narrow tyres I would like to upgrade tyres for better ride quality over potholes (Handling is not a priority for me). So I'm thinking to change wheels and tyres to 175 70 R13 (Preferably Michelin XM+). This is actually downgrading from 14 inch wheels to 13 inch but I'm more concerned about ride quality Could anyone please let me know if this upgrade would help in better ride quality? If not could anyone please provide suggestion for tyre/wheel upgrade for better ride quality? Thanks Visak