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  1. Look at Yamaha SZ-R. It has everything that you need just go and take a test ride.
  2. Plz Honda launch this bike in India soon.
  3. @dr_nishu : Honda 250 will be semi faired or naked?
  4. Is there any fuel injected bike from Suzuki, Yamaha & Honda to be launched near Diwali?
  5. Is there any new fuel injected bikes to be launched near Diwali?
  6. @dr_nishu : But is it advicable to use fully synthetic oil at 3k KMS/2nd Servicing coz some of my friends says that one should wait till 5k KMS.
  7. Don't know whether I should ask this question in this thread but ok is it safe to use fully synthetic oil @ 3k KMS/2nd Servicing? Also, can one use Castrol Power 1 4T 10W40 in a bike recommended with 20W40 grade oil?
  8. I'll only think of buying this bike if it comes with fuel injection, rear disc brake & fazer like fairing.
  9. Are P220's reliable & is it difficult to start them in early morning? Also, is autochoke any useful in such situations?