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  1. Dear Abhisheksia, Just imagine 1500 km per month means 1500x17= 25500.00 per month of difference between diesel and petrol expense. And today's diesel transmissions are as advanced as the petrol ones. I dont think the maintenance cost of any modern day car - petrol or diesel can average beyond Rs.2000.00 (rupees two thousand a month). Therefore at 1500 km per month you could be buying a 3 lakh rupee car for your spouse or children or putting the same in a SIP plan for your retirement or children education EVERY YEAR. I drove the Omni (4 yrs), Santro (4 yrs), Scorpio (4 yrs), Innova Diesel (2 yrs) and now Xeta Petrol (2 yrs). In these many years I have not found any marked difference in maintenance cost of any system. Not sure if any of the above experience helps in your firming your choice. I know it is getting to confusion and no clear options. Please keep sharing your discovery and journey through the decision.
  2. Thanks sarabjeet, NAREN64 and vinaychinnu for your inputs. I test drove a Manza and a Linea and found the clutch too hard in an exercise where I try to run the car at less than 10 kmph for about 50 meters. It was very painful. I always test drive a car for this factor. The thigh to foot L angle to the clutch, brakes and accelerator was most comfortable on the Manza. I check for these two things compulsorily in all TDs after experiencing this issue in the Innova. Either you stretch your seat back to adjust to the pedals and then your foot does not make a comfortable L with your thigh when you are cruising and want to rest your foot to the floor. I am not obese and neither stout. Thank you everyone who has taken interest in my buying challenge.
  3. Forgot to add Salem and Chennai to the list. It is my dream to drive to Nepal and Kashmir. Happy Motoring.
  4. Hi Carispassion, Thank you for that quick reply. Do about 900 - 1000 km per month and that too out of frugality. With spiralling fuel prices I am discouraged to do the weekend getaways. Whenever the family thinks of a brief vacation we prefer driving 750 km upwards together. Innova was a breeze. But cannot use it in the bumper-to-bumper traffic in the city bustle. If I drive 70-80 km in a day I experience pain in my left foot. I try to beat the peak traffic hours but I am shocked to admit that except upto 7.30am in the morning and after 10.30pm in the night you will find respite in traffic. We are a family of five - three adults including my mother, spouse and two grown up children - 13 and 18 years of age. I am 45. A couple of weeks back I read an article in the latest autocar issue on the diesels hatch shootout. I divided Rs 150000 (the difference of diesel and petrol cars) by Rs. 17.00 (the difference of petrol and diesel price) and leave alone the better mileage by over 50% that you get on diesel over petrol. The calculation showed that after 7500 to 8000 km you have covered on the gap between the two transmission systems. That further motivated me to research. And nothing works better in research than asking in a community like this one. Cheers. Edit: Oh. I thought the reply would go to specific people. Since it is a common thread I deeply appreciate and thank Carispassion, Creativebala, Dr nishu and Durango Dude for being so responsive. Hail all car lovers across the world. My favorite holiday destination in India has been Goa. I have driven several times from Hyderabad and a few times from Bangalore. My favorite road trips are to Dharmasthala near Mangalore from Bangalore. Have traveled several times in a year in the past to each of these destinations. Hyderabad to Bangalore, Mumbai and Jabalpur I have done several times. Shirdi, Tirupati and Bhubaneshwar have been destinations I have done in the past. Happy motoring 2 Posts merged: Don't create successive back to back posts. Instead compile the post into one & then post.BornFree2010-08-10 04:52:47
  5. Dear fellow auto enthusiasts, It is a pleasure to be part of a community of my most passionate subject : cars. I owned an Omni 16 years ago, then a Santro, a Scorpio, and an Innova. Currently using my spouse's Xeta too. I find a lot of effortlessness when driving a Xeta. Plan to buy a diesel - either a hatch or an entry level sedan within a budget of 5 to 8 lakhs. Family loves outings - long drives (I really mean loooong drives). Please share from your experience which would be the closest to most effortless driving in the diesels in terms of clutch effort, overall ride and handling etc. Thanks and happy to share any of my past 16 years of driving experience with any fellow enthusiast. Cheers. Topic moved to the right section.BornFree2010-08-09 19:17:32