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  1. Tyre Guide

    Tyres undergo tremendous amount of stress during operation and in a country like ours, the high ambient temperatures and bad roads make sure they go through hell. People often don
  2. Want to buy a new car? Too lazy to do a search? You've come to the right place. The forum has a wealth of information on cars and car buying queries. Ideally, you should run a search on the forum about the information you're looking for. Most of the times, the search will return some useful results. Many times users sign up and head straigth for AAA for their car purchase questions. So before you go the same way, please do read through the links provided. You might not have to make the effort of creating a new thread. Here I've compiled a list of road tests that will serve very handy to the car buyer. Almost all cars have been compiled in this list and will give you a lot of information. If nothing else, it will help you ask intelligent questions. I will put additional links from a test drive thread (if it exists) from the forum itself for a second opinion. Some links will be put up later as and when they become available. The roadtests are from our WhatCar website and many have been penned by me. I decided to put these down in the forum as well because of amount of new car queries we get everyday. The WhatCar website is still undergoing development, so please excuse. There is also one very informative thread on choosing the right car by BornFree. It is a sticky as well in the AAA section. Please read both the threads before asking a question. This way you don't have to start a new thread on a car purchase unless you really have to. Cars have been divided into the following categories for your convenience. Economy Premium Compacts Lower Midsizers Upper Midsizers Lower Luxury Multi Purpose Vehicles Sport Utility Vehicles. Some Useful Links Tyre Guide LPG v CNG Petrol v Diesel Information 2009 Launches (Credits to Vivek Bansal for sharing this with us) *********************************************************** Economy Cars Tata Nano Forum Test Drive Chevrolet Spark Hyundai i10 i10 Forum Test Drive Hyundai Santro Maruti 800 Maruti Alto Maruti A-Star A-Star Forum Test Drive Maruti Omni Maruti Wagon R Maruti Zen Estilo Tata Indica Premium Compact Chevrolet U-VA Chevrolet SRV Fiat Palio Stile Fiat Palio Multijet Forum Test Drive Ford Fusion Hyundai Getz Hyundai i20 Forum Test Drive Maruti Ritz Maruti Swift Maruti Swift 1.2 K-Series Skoda Fabia Tata Indica Vista Indica Vista Forum Test Drive Lower Midsizers Chevrolet Aveo Ford Ikon Hyundai Accent Mahindra-Renault Logan Maruti Swift Dzire Swift Dzire Forum Test Drive Tata Indigo Upper Midsizers Tata Indigo Manza Forum Test Drive Fiat Linea Fiat Linea Forum Test Drive Ford Fiesta Honda City Forum Test Drive Hyundai Verna Maruti SX4 Mitsubishi Lancer Lower Luxury Chevrolet Cruze Chevrolet Optra Magnum Honda Accord Honda Civic Hyundai Sonata Mitsubishi Cedia Skoda Laura Skoda Octavia Toyota Corolla Altis Volkswagen Jetta Jetta Forum Test Drive Luxury Vehicles Mercedes E350 Multi Purpose Vehicles Chevrolet Tavera Mahindra Bolero Mahindra Scorpio Scorpio Auto Forum Test Drive Scorpio mHawk Forum Test Drive Mahindra Xylo Forum Test Drive Maruti Gypsy King Maruti Versa Tata Safari DiCOR Tata Sumo Victa Tata Sumo Grande Sumo Grande Forum Test Drive Toyota Innova Sport Utility Vehicles Chevrolet Captiva Ford Endeavour Honda CR-V Maruti Grand Vitara Mitsubishi Montero Mitsubishi Outlander Forum Test Drive Mitsubishi Pajero Nissan X-trail Toyota Fortuner Forum Test Drive Toyota Land Cruiser Prado ********************************************************** FRGFuelRunGod2010-02-06 06:45:45
  3. Special License

    Hello all, The Autocar Forum is growing by leaps and bounds since it started. I've always said that the forum is as good as the quality of its members and you are responsible for what we are today, so as a token of gratitude, I have created a special category for forum members who have provided us with brilliant posts and helped out many members with their problems. These select few members will now have a 'Special License' tag to their profile. They will have access to seperate section of the forum called 'Special License Holders Discussion Board' where they can exclusively have discussions. They will also be able to upload images and files directly to the forum and not via imageshack. The members who have been awarded the Special License are: durango_dude, anjan_c2007, 5u3zEr0 and speed. Cheers, FRGBornFree2012-05-22 09:57:53
  4. Mahindra's Xylo was launched this morning. You can get a whole lot of information about the Xylo like pricing, varaints, specifications, a taste of how it drives and of course, the all important pictures. http://www.autocarindia.com/new/Information.asp?id=2307 Styling: The Xylo plays safe with its traditional two-box MPV design. Mahindra have probably avoided the mono-volume design keeping Indian tastes in mind. The Xylo is more like a SUV fused with a van. The front end though is quite quirky. The kinky headlamps top off a fussy and not so attractive face. We think the Xylo's most pleasing angle is the chunky rear. Interiors & Equipment: The Xylo comes loaded with great interior space and ground three rows of seats. You can choose between 7 or 8-seat configurations. The well-designed seats offer the right amount of cushioning and support. Four variants are on offer E2, E4, E6 and E8. Amongst other things the Xylo offers park sensors, a central information display (speed, current gear, temperature, humidity, distance to empty, average speed, speed limit alarm.. and more) and air-conditioning for all 3 rows of seats. Notably ABS and airbags are not on offer at the time of launch. Engine: The Xylo comes with the new mEagle engine. It is a 2.5litre CRDe engine that's been re-engineered from the 2.6CRDe unit seen on the Scorpio. The engine offers class leading 112bhp of power and 24kgm of torque, but refinement and NVH still isn't up to the mark. The gearbox is more precise though a bit of effort is still required. Interestingly the much more expensive 2.2 litre mHawk engine package is expected at a later date. Ride and Handling: The Xylo's soft suspension set up shows a clear bias towards in town passenger comfort. It glides over potholes and broken roads at low speeds but gets unsettled as speed builds up. The long wheelbase and soft suspension create a "swing" movement when changing lanes. But the suspension is more sorted and stable than the Scorpio; once again thanks to Lotus Design. Pricing: The Xylo aims to fill the gap between the Bolero and the Scorpio. Prices range from Rs 6.24 lakhs for the entry level E2 variant, going all the way up to Rs 7.69 lakhs for the top of the line E8 variant (ex-showroom Delhi). This makes the Xylo a great value proposition for Indian families and the tourist taxi segment in India. And here are the pics.. FuelRunGod2009-01-14 07:31:09
  5. Membership Ladder

    A brief explanation of the membership levels here on the Autocar India Forums. Unlicensed (Guest) Guests can only access the forums. They are not allowed to create topics, post replies or have other benefits of the forum. Learners License Members with a Learners License are those with a post count of less than 50. They enjoy all the basic benefits of The Autocar India Forum. They CAN create new topics, they have access to the private messenger which can be used for private communication between members. They are not allowed to post in the Auto Trader section. This is only done to avoid spammers who just register to sell a product. Apart from the above, they can only cast their votes in polls but are not allowed to create new polls. Intermediate License A member acquires an Intermediate License when he/she crosses a post count of 50 posts. Apart from the benefits of members with a Learners License, they get rights to post in Auto Trader, create polls and create calender events. Advanced License A member is awarded an Advanced License when he/she crosses a post count of 1000 posts. They get all the benefits of members with an Intermediate License plus ability to upload images. Instructor License They are your friendly neighbourhood moderators. It is their job to maintain the quality of content on the forum. They have the power to delete and edit errant posts. Please follow the rules and regulations to make their job easier. Super License - Admin The administrator has overall control of the forum and has the power to delete, edit posts and also ban members who are not following the rules and regulations despite warnings. Thank you for your cooperation. Best Regards, Autocar India Forum SupportFuelRunGod2007-09-10 09:37:31
  6. Here is a brief review of the much awaited Honda City. Is it better than the car it replaces? Let's find out. EDIT: Indian Car pictures added - The red coloured car is the Indian-spec City while the Silver coloured car is the Thailand-spec. Notice no alloys, rear view mirror indicators and fog lamps on Indian version. Interiors on the Indian version get beige treatment. Exteriors The new City looks stunning whichever angle you look at it from. The front especially looks very attractive. The grille and headlights wouldn't look out of place on cars from a higher segment. Gone is the disproportionate look of the old City. It is a welcome relief from the old City's quirky looks. Now it has clean and well proportioned profile and manages to look sporty somewhat like the original City that had captured the hearts of many drivers back in its day. The same aggressive looks of the front hasn't carried over very well to the rear which looks just about okay. The tail-lamps look somewhat bland in comparison. But just like the Civic, this design will still look fresh after some years. Interiors The interiors may not have the flair of the Civic, nevertheless they look good and are functional too. The Thailand spec car came with dull looking interiors, but the Indian car will have beige interiors which will definately look better. Interior quality is top notch, the cabin has good amount of storage space for the passengers and their knick-knacks. The front seats are more comfortable than the older car and the rear seats although very comfortable in their own right are not like the old seats which were set slightly higher. The audio system is not a conventional CD player. Honda has gone a step ahead and provided a system that accepts an i-Pod or memory stick. There is a slot provided for an aftermarket CD player if the customer wishes. Sound quality is good too. Performance, Ride & Handling Now the old IDSi engine wasn't exactly a rocket in a straightline and many people may have longed for the original City just for the driving pleasure it offered. The new City now comes VTEC power only. It produces 116bhp and 14.8kgm of torque. There's good pulling power in the low and mid-range. The engine is smooth and is particularly audible only near the redline. The City is available both in manual and automatic transmission variants. The auto model gets paddle shifts behind the steering wheel just like the Civic and it is no longer a CVT gearbox, but a more conventional auto tranny with a torque converter lockup for better performance. The old City's biggest problem was the electronic power steering which although great for city driving felt lifeless and vague at highway speeds. The new City sorts this out with a new system which weighs up nicely with speed. Corners are now handled more confidently, there is still some body roll but well under control. The narrow tyres however, run out of grip fairly quickly. Ride and handling have improved overall over the older car. Verdict The new City has set benchmarks once again for others to follow. Not only does it improve on the older car but takes care of most of the problems of the previous generation car. It has seen a price increase over the older car, but it is well worth it because the City has grown up and now a more desirable than ever. Let's just say it has the soul of the original city and the practicality of the previous City. I think it is the best City yet. Make sure you take this one for a drive. FRG FuelRunGod2008-10-07 13:28:18
  7. Code Of Conduct

    The Autocar India Forum Staff is committed to providing quality of the highest level. The forum is meant for anything and everything automotive. In order to maintain the quality of content on board, you are requested to strictly adhere to the following guidelines: 1. Personal attacks of any kind on fellow members will NOT be tolerated. 2. No SMS/chat lingo is permitted. 3. Foul language will NOT be tolerated. Abusive photographs in any form are strictly prohibited. 4. Posting for the sake of increasing post count is best avoided. 5. As a member, when posting topics, it is expected that the topic is posted in the correct category along with an appropriate title which best describes the contents of the thread. 6. When posting articles, write-ups or pictures, the member must mention the source of the information. Credit has to be given where its due and a link to the original website has to be provided. The entire article may not be posted, instead a snippet can be posted on the forum and readers who want to read more can follow the link provided by the poster. 7. While posting pictures, please post thumbnails. Entire pictures are not allowed for posting. Resize image to 640x480. Use services like http://www.imageshack.us/ or http://www.photobucket.com/ or other such services. 8. Promotions for products & services is prohibited. 9. Before creating new threads, ensure that there isnt an existing thread on the same or similar topic. Use the search function for locating such threads. Failure to comply with the rules and regulations of the board will lead to issuance of warnings to concerned member(s). In case of repeated infractions, the member may also risk rights to post. A member will be given three warnings before being banned. The Admin and Moderator team reserve the right to ban a member if the infraction is of a very serious nature in which case no prior warning may be issued. Remember, the quality of the forum is as good as its members. Thank you for your cooperation. Best Regards, Autocar India Forum SupportFuelRunGod2009-02-19 14:24:22
  8. Model: Safari Dicor 3.0 EX 4x2 CSZ series Colour: Artic Silver Accessories on delivery: VX Alloys, Bridgestone Tyres, DVD System, Body-Coloured Bumpers and Claddings. Issues faced on delivery: None. Dealership Experience Took delivery from Shaman Auto, Prabhadevi on 6th April 2007. The experience was far from satisfactory. To begin with, the car alloted to me was sold to someone else...which really pissed me off, as this pushed the already messed up delivery date by more than a week. After giving them a piece of my mind, we were given a courtesy car - an esteem to use till we got the delivery. They also tried to back out of their promises of the accessories which were to be installed on the EX - body painted claddings, VX alloys and the DVD system. But after threatening to cancel the booking, they agreed to do all the fittings. But all this left me with a bad taste in the mouth. Although I have to tell you, the salesman did try his best to do whatever he could for us, but everybody else working in the sales process was slacking, hence the delivery was messed up. The Truck: Well, now we all really know what a safari looks like and its share of niggles, with so many photos and reports floating around on the forum its hardly a surprise. On taking delivery, everything after being checked was given the clean chit. After reading through numerous reports, I was mentally prepared for issues to crop up. But to my surprise and relief none did. Drove her home, and marvelled at its imposing size, how the mumbai cabs were giving way...well thats a first for me. The Engine seems so quite, but does have slight vibrations, but I knew of those already so no issues. Hate the 3000rpm redline, have been driving under 2000rpm, so havent really driven it fast as such due to the running-in. It doesnt have the kick in the back feeling like the scorpio, but its no couch potato either. The interiors could have been a bit better. I mean the bits and pieces that are visible are of seemingly cheap materials (AC controls) while those that arent have decent if not good quality. (stalks behind the steering). The car has fantastic ergonomics, the driving position is just fabulous. But dont like the positioning of the headunit, its placed too low, involves taking the eyes off the road to operate it. Seating comfort wise, theres nothing that comes close to the safari. The best seats in the business. The ride is also really great. I dont feel the BMC sponsored potholes on our so-called roads. Well about the handling, its no car...the steering is quite sluggish. It doesnt react to minor adjustments like the over-servoed steering of the scorpio. After reading about the updated series of the dicor, i ordered a CSZ series, and seems to have paid off. No rattles, no squeaks, no smoke, no issues. Touchwood. Heres a gist of likes and dislikes. Will update as I pile on the kilometres. Likes: Space, Ride, Seats, Equipment Dislikes: 3000 redline...thats it for now.FuelRunGod2007-08-30 20:33:30
  9. Private Messages: Invitations

    Hello all, It seems there are some members who are advertising through PMs. Please let the admin or moderators know if anybody is sending out invitations to other sites or forums via private messages. Advertising is strictly against the forum's policies. So please report such things if it happens to you. Regards, FRG
  10. Team Autocar - An Introduction

    Hello there everyone, The Autocar Forum is a year old. And, I'd like to thank everyone for their support through the months in helping this forum grow. We have been really happy with the way things have gone till now. Lot of members, lot of posts and a lot of information. We have crossed more than 1,600 members and closing in on 35,000 posts. With this kind of activity, the forum requires active moderation around the clock which is why our support team has grown with the addition of the latest moderator - Cyrus43. The team now comprises of FRG, 325i, Zander and Cyrus43. All the Support team introductions will be made in this thread. Lets start with mine. FRG - My real name is Manish Sarser. I currently drive a Tata Safari Dicor 3.0 and Honda City Vtec. Have lived in Bombay most of my life, but originally from Delhi. I joined Autocar in September 2006. Back then, my main job was to handle all the fuel efficiency tests and do research for the articles that were printed. I am also doing the investigative articles for our sister magazine WhatCar? Some of you may have wondered how I came up with my username....well doing fuel efficiency tests was a major part of my job so hence the name. Well thats all for now. Hoping that members go by the rules and regulations so that we don't have to work overtime. Thanks to all members, Its great to be here. FRG
  11. Private Messenger Policy Change

    Members please note, since most members are not clearing their inboxes. We have put a system in place where in all the messages more than a week old will be automatically deleted. FRG
  12. Test Driven: New Swift 1.2-litre K-series With the upcoming emission norms, it was unlikely the old Esteem G13B unit would be continued. So, Maruti went ahead and shoehorned the 1.2-litre K-series engine into the Swift. It is the same engine that does duty in the Maruti Ritz. It puts out 84bhp 11.5kgm of torque. On paper, the 1.2 puts out 3bhp lower than the outgoing 1.3-litre engine. But out on the road, the K-series does just as good a job. On the outside, there is no way you can differentiate this from the older car. The Swift's familiar lines are appreciated by most and the car really does look good. Recently, the Swift was given crystal clear tail lamps and new design alloys which look better than before. To really tell the difference between the old and the new car, you have to either look under the hood or get behind the wheel. So, I got behind the wheel. Start her up and you can barely tell the engine turning over. Driving with the Swift 1.3 back to back, you can tell that the bottom end is much better. As a result, the Swift pulls eagerly from as low as 1500rpm and you don't have to change gears as often as before. In fact, the Swift feels even better than the Ritz initially. Performance overall is good, thanks to a punchy top end with the engine pulling strongly all the way till the redline. With 100cc down and clever gearing, the new car is also more efficient. Preliminary tests show a difference of about 1.5kpl over the older car. Maruti has also tweaked the suspension. The new Swift rides a lot better than before. Bumps are rounded off easily and the suspension is also quieter than before. Where the old Swift would thud, the new Swift goes through without making much noise. The softer suspension might also take care of some of the rattling that the Swifts are known for. This car felt nice and doesn't have a single rattle yet. And I hope it remains that way. The steering also felt slightly lighter, but don't be fooled even with the softer suspension, the Swift is still an entertaining car to drive. And with the new engine, it feels less of an effort. Whenever, somebody asked me about buying a Swift, I would always recommend the DDIS, but with the new K-series, I think I will be recommending a lot more petrol Swifts. It definately gets the thumbs up in my book. I just wished Maruti had reduced the prices especially since the car qualifies for reduced excise duty. But citing increased input costs, Maruti will not be passing on the benefit to the customers. So don't expect the prices to fall. FRG FuelRunGod2010-02-04 12:44:10
  13. Swift 1.2 K-Series Test Drive Report

    Maybe some dealers don't have stock yet or are trying to clear their old stocks before they ask for the K-series. FRG
  14. Tata Motors today launched the Indica V2 with ABS and airbags. These are only available on the DLX Turbo model priced at Rs. 4.76 lakhs (ex-showroom Delhi). FRG<?:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />
  15. Tata Motors launches Indica V2 with Airbags, ABS

    @Anjan: This is a very old thread, just check the dates. FRG
  16. What all did you do today?

    The Figo has already been showcased to the media. We have a first drive report on the website. Ah but don't worry, time will tell. FRG
  17. What all did you do today?

    The GTX was lying almost unused since december. I had been driving a Xylo, Ritz, Fiesta and a Contessa since then. The Safari was safely parked all this while. In fact I drove the bus back yesterday night. Sending the Palio to Tata this coming week if I can get an appointment. Work on the Palio hasn't even started. I've just managed to get new number plates in the standard embossed font just like the ones on the bus. Tomorrow, I go to a neighbouring state for something new. FRGFuelRunGod2010-02-06 09:57:13
  18. What all did you do today?

    Anjan, she still looks great after all these years all thanks to you. Keep up the good work. As for me, today's day is for the GTX. Haven't started her in almost a month, I'm hoping the battery hasn't given up. FRG
  19. Beat or Punto

    Thread Moved. FRG
  20. Swift 1.2 K-Series Test Drive Report

    Sad but true. But I'm sure you can have atleast the ZXi seat retrofitted into the VDi. FRG
  21. Swift 1.2 K-Series Test Drive Report

    @BF: Yes the ZXi gets tilt steering and seat height adjust. I don't think the diesel has them as it is available only till the VXi (VDi) spec. FRG
  22. Swift 1.2 K-Series Test Drive Report

    Can't say I don't but I'd like to drive it myself before giving you guys a report. FRG
  23. Swift 1.2 K-Series Test Drive Report

    It does seem Maruti is making more of a profit on the Swift than before. And like someone said, the Figo's prices could force Maruti into a price revision. I'd say wait for the Figo and watch that space! FRGFuelRunGod2010-02-06 05:17:39
  24. Swift 1.2 K-Series Test Drive Report

    I'm not sure if the diesel also gets a softer suspension setup. As far as the interior goes, there aren't any changes. But it is yet to rattle and I hope it stays that way. FRG
  25. Swift 1.2 K-Series Test Drive Report

    Yes, the car is just as much fun if not better. The suspension is nice and soft, its way better than the old car as far as bump absorbing goes. On a ten point scale, I'd rate the old car's suspension at 6 and this new one I'd rate an 8. No that isn't me, I didn't go for the shoot. FRGFuelRunGod2010-02-04 13:23:31