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  1. I had the 796 Hypermotard for over 2 months now and its a great bike for every day riding with its uprite stance and sufficient power. The smallish tank and her need for high octane fuel do limit the range.
  2. I m having a great time with this fab ride. 5 days after getting delivery a MLA s pajero bumped into me while I was not moving opp the US consulate. Our great insurance rules have resulted in my shelling out a packet [excluding plastic depreciation] while the offender got away with not even a slap on the wrist. I ve since added a carbon fiber tank cover and a rear luggage rack i n which I keep my helmet permenantly. Every signal stop results in a thums up or appreciative comment except for a ass at the Vakola flyover signal who wanted to know the average. John at ducati has turned out to be a pretty decent guy, working beyond the call of his job. More later.
  3. Update on my Hyper. Its been a frustrating 2 weeks with the bike still not on the road due to the tax not being paid. A mix of our infamous RTO red tape [ passport original needs to be shown inspite of a pancard copy] and a basic ignorance of the company people who have no clue as to what formalities are required and the associated paperwork. I am fed up with their promises of getting the bike on the road 'today- tomorrow for sure' and so on. In retrospect I m rueing my decision to buy this bike. Ducati India needs to seriously pull up their socks and get their act in order. Fingers still crossed that the event happens in a day or two. Still a bitter taste which will only be washed away by the bike ride.
  4. Thanx guys. Was expecting delivery on Fri eve but evidently the RTO needs some custom clearence affadiavate from the showroom regarding duty payment and any future issues. I picked up the white body on black frame which sadly is still right now in the showroom window[ the multistrada was sent back to italy]. Have got my fingers crossed for a mon/tue delivery. Went into the dealer today and picked up a numberplate mount for a sample. Since I had prebooked my number, I got the front sticker and rear plate made . Regarding the main stand, I ve searched the net and there does not seem to be one made for this bike.I ll post pics once I figure out how its done. So, till tue.
  5. Went ahead and got myself a 796 Hyper. In for registration. Hopefully on the road by sat. Had planned it out in advance and hence have my helmet and stuff bought and ready.[ Jacket and gloves for longer rides].9.10 ex showroom. My only grouse is with the stock mirrors which on the end of the handle bars look super cool but impractical in Bom, I dont think they will last a week. I m hoping the Ducati guys arrange for a handle bar wing mirror mount to replace this before delivery. Surprisingly there is no main stand available for this model and no cover provided along with it. Surely something they need to look into for Bom.
  6. I believe the prices have dropped. Can anyone cofirm