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  1. "Good on them to come out clean and issue a recall before Honda Citys become known as the "car that left me stranded on the highway". Equally, why didn't Honda catch it earlier? Running a recall on nearly 60,000 cars is huge, especially within the Indian domain. I sure hope heads will roll on this incident as, one of the reasons many of us pay premium rupee for Honda & Toyota is the reliability / durability. BornFree2011-02-17 15:58:50
  2. In fact before deciding A-Star, I took test drive of i10 of my S-I-Law, witch had just done 2800 km. on odo and was pathetic to at least ( it was irde or something ), clutch was like, I was driving five years old car and above speed of 50 it was like "no don't push too further", ah how do people drive these cars ?, only GOD knows.
  3. Read this article below and you will know what 1.2 Punto can do. Believe me, everyone should give it a shot, a ride with Ratan and you wont believe he is pushing it on 1.2 Punto. I was privileged and lucky as I shared the return leg to mumbai with Ratan in his 1.2 punto, he was mind boggling, I could see him hitting RPM 5K mark + on techo where 6K is the topline in a traffic jam, where probably I couldnt have driven even an inch ahead, I was like and in the mad rush he made everything feel so smooth, that i couldnt believe, no jerks in gear shift, no where I felt that he was at sort of power, awesome driving skills, timings and guts to take what it comes Those jam packed trucks traffic looked like some odd stones on road, when Ratan over took them, be it from left, or right or come what it may be, he made his way through it. Hey Ratan, if you are reading this, I will be there for meets to just be in 1.2 Punto with you again and again and again Thanks to spirited, charismatic and high energy drive from Ratan vis a vis Tjet driven by Manoj (Ride de Himalyas champ) made me experience Raid de Himalayas on the regular highway . , I couldnt belive what Ratan was delivering against a Tjet (driven by rally racer), poor guys who where following the group where left wondering somewhere in the traffic and where calling constantly on his phone, and Ratan was not only guiding them but at the same time was ensuring that Tjet feel the might of Ratan's 1.2 effects. After a warm hug with Ratan, a switch from his Punto to Tjet with Manoj from Talegon Toll Point was my ticket to low flying jet, Manoj was vrooming the turbo jet constantly over 130kmph over the entire run and I no where felt that we riding so fast, until I slightly rolled down the window to open up left rear view mirror, it was than the sound of gussing air passing by made me realize, hey i am flying low on a jet. The car holded to ground on all curves and was probably most comfortable and assuring experience from any car that i have driven at that speed. It was this skilled and fun filled drive to mumbai that made me catch my train timely, believe me I would have not made it without this guys high energy drive yet very cool and fun filled on entire route. Detailed report coming soon... source:
  4. New swift will be launched in around Diwali and its confirmed news. If you book during the time of launch then still you will not be able to get it before 2012 due to already waiting carried forwarded. The top end model with all the features will not cost less than 6 lakh ex showroom Delhi and there will be no discount at all. Regarding Punto's Poor ASS is notion of only non Fiatians. 90% of Linea and Punto's are very satisfied it shows in the JD power rating plus you can visit various other Forums to confirm. Any way its best that you decide what is good for you what does your pocket allows because opinion will differ from person to person and thats the charm of it.
  5. If you think you are always right others wrong then check other forums and you will find how dissatisfied Hyundai customers are. You are blindly Hyundai fan nothing else, sorry but most of your post are in praise of Hyundai nothing else. Person is asking about Punto and Polo but i20 then you are want to sell him i20 ?, do you get any commission ? Note from Mod: While quoting, use only a relevant part & not the entire post. Posting of outside links is not encouraged on the board. *Imp* no personal comments/remarks on fellow members.BornFree2010-12-28 11:21:18
  6. Now a days you reply to any query without justifying the reasons in detail, don't expect people to search last discussed threads and with time things changes also. You just suggested i20 without comparing it with Punto or Polo. MODES KINDLY NOTE, posting just for hack of killing your time is no going to do any good to the forum. People want sincere advise and answer to their queries in more than honestly as they rate Autocar highly.
  7. Hi, I also bought A-Star Auto on 22nd Dec. Modes I have done are as follow: 1. Body color paint on ORVMS, Door handles and Mud guards. 2. Remote door locking. 3. Fog lamps. 4. Two rear speakers "Sony Make" 5. leather steering wheel cover. Still hunting for 13" multi spoke (At least 12) alloy wheels with 100 Pcd. I wanted side body graphics but wife said you are too old for that, therefore had abandon the plan. My car is Paradise Blue color. I am going for seat covers but you can go for some sporty seat covers depending on the color of your car, by the way what is the color ?
  8. Thanks rssh, it sure best handling car in this segment, steering well weighted and engine is very refined. I will write a brief review after I have done 1000 km on odo.
  9. I have got my car on 21st and enjoying every bit of it.
  10. Well I agree but there are some parameters to gauze service levels and thats what I meant. We can't take individual dealers and come to conclusion. I also agree that one should take test drive of cars they want buy and decide accordingly their need, liking, disliking and their pocket.
  11. I want to change steel rims to alloy, Maruti dealers are also doing that but I don't like their design and price, therefore getting it from outside.