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  1. i got some more powerful ones than the stock ones... i think they were 110/90 or something like that. Philips Blue Vision i think. they were obviously more powerful but they died one me in a few months. so shifted back to my stock headlamps. btw, thanks
  2. @gbukman: thanks a lot. @mehul_bhp: the fiesta is a better car to drive in the city. it's got a much more refined engine and doesn't need frequent gear changes like the verna. @busa: yes, they are Plati 16" rims. i saw them on an m6 after a couple of months after i purchased them myself. the only difference was that they were 19" ones
  3. Well, i have a white swift and i had Philips Blue Vision bulbs fitted in them along with wiring. The low beam of one of the bulbs went kaput so i had to change it back to the normal bulbs. I have my windshield tinted so the normal headlights are not sufficient for night time driving. Please suggest light bulbs for my car. I cannot afford a HID kit. I'm looking for powerful bulbs. atleast better than the stock ones. and what type are the bulbs in the swift. H4 ?? pra2veen2008-08-31 18:45:43
  4. the side windows should be 50% transparent and the front windshield should not be tinted. It is illegal. atleast here in hyd
  5. thanks FRG and zander for the pics. they're amazing..... the upgraded unicorn looks bad. someone please tell me what JTC on the ferrari and lambo mean... i'm curious.
  6. ya... theyll just buy a white new sumo and use that...
  7. yeah... but thats only if they can assemble them here and price them competitively. that segment is already filled with top-class players
  8. same here in hyd too. if we have atleast a fraction of the bikers buying this car, then every metro is going to be in big trouble. time to start making bigger roads congress
  9. the car looks great. would love to buy one, atleast some thing like this one fine day
  10. will tata start selling the land rovers and jags in india, now that they bought it ???
  11. ya... maybe ppl will buy it looking into the other matters like safety and comfort. hope they realize safety comes first.
  12. lovely... looks great... way better than the current sumo..... great job tata... btw, nice pics zander. thanks pra2veen2008-01-10 11:55:05
  13. i dont think they will have any copyright issues unless they use the name for another music player. since its for a car and its no where related to the ipod nano, it should be safe
  14. still looks like an indica... and that means it doesnt look that great. atleast not by the design standards now.
  15. the safari anyday. got better looks and more power specs
  16. the goodyear tires on my fiesta diesel look like they're wearing out pretty fast and i had to change the front wheels to the back. it's only done 20k kms. wheel balancing and alignment have been regularly done. is such tire wear normal ???
  17. these are on an accent, pretty fat tyres and nice alloys my alloys
  18. i got the pioneer head unit 6950 and 4 spkrs pioneer and they work wonderfully well... it cost me 11k. look in more than one shop and compare the prices. woofer and amp will cost u somewhere around 15k together but u lose most of ur boot space. i wouldn't recommend a woofer
  19. it wont matter much to him maybe, coz every time he really really wants to drive a car he'll just go to the nearest test track and blaze a mclaren around it....
  20. if its really being sold to tata then it'll definitely be good news. such prestigious brands being owned by indian companies will be good for the car economy here