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  1. hey praveen that was a really great review and you have got two white Beauties keep us more updated with your review after your 10000kms

    Regards' date='


    my swift 20k report:

    the swift has just done 20k and i had to get the brake pads changed.

    i previously had aftermarket lights fitted when i bought the swift. they stopped workin so i had to switch back to the stock headlamps.

    there has been uneven tire wear. the left back tire is slightly more worn out than the right back.The swift is working fine except for these problems.

    but, I was surprised to see that the brake pads wore out for just 20k kms.

    my fiesta 30k report:

    the fiesta was taken for servicing recently and i had to get the brake pads changed. both the stock 55w low-beam headlamps stopped working so i replaced them with new 100w headlamps.

    I had to get the front to tires replaced because they were completely worn out. They cost me 5.2k each.

    other than these, no other major problems.

  2. Well, i have a white swift and i had Philips Blue Vision bulbs fitted in them along with wiring. The low beam of one of the bulbs went kaput so i had to change it back to the normal bulbs.

    I have my windshield tinted so the normal headlights are not sufficient for night time driving.

    Please suggest light bulbs for my car. I cannot afford a HID kit. I'm looking for powerful bulbs. atleast better than the stock ones.

    and what type are the bulbs in the swift. H4 ??

    pra2veen2008-08-31 18:45:43

  3. well' date=' i dont think there is any need to worry about that adi, not all will go for a 1 lakh car......

    the poor will still perfer a bike because the car wont give them a mileage of 55-60 kmpl...

    those who buy bikes worth 70000-80000 (rich category!!!) would not like to be seen dead in the "world's cheapest car".........

    dude... c'mon. if somebody really wanted a bike they'd just go buy it. this is for the not-so-lucky ppl who dreamed of buying a car for themselves. this will give them more protection than a bike anyway. it will have seat belts and they wont slip and fall or lose balance like on a bike. and, it's easier taking a family of four in this than on a bike.

  4. they will have to change the name for sure.......ccopyright issues......Apple(in iPod) already have usd the name nano

    i dont think they will have any copyright issues unless they use the name for another music player. since its for a car and its no where related to the ipod nano, it should be safe

  5. the goodyear tires on my fiesta diesel look like they're wearing out pretty fast and i had to change the front wheels to the back. it's only done 20k kms. wheel balancing and alignment have been regularly done. is such tire wear normal ???

  6. while new launches are going to be the trump card for maruti ' date=' would they be selling their older versions too smiley21.gif and incase they do would the not be cluttering their own sales,creating a lot of confusion for the buyers......should they not be stopping the sales of older versions?[/quote']

    i agree that if they sell the older versions there will be confusion among the buyers and the newer models might face a sales threat with their own siblings.

    but, suzuki most probably will not discontinue the older ones because they are selling in decent numbers and they will not want to lose out on that unless the sales are very little

  7. the pricing of the linea is very crucial I suppose. If it falls within 8 to 8.5 lacs or a bit lesser too ' date=' its going to be good. If its arnd 10 lacs then I think toyota corolla new model is going to give it a hard time as it looks like the current camry which I think is beautiful.


    i agree... pricing is critical to fiat and this time they have to get it right so as to get them back on track. they've been in pretty deep waters till now