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  1. hi... i'm from hyd and i'm doing my engineering. i have a fiesta diesel and a swift diesel and i love cars i got 16 in alloys for both the cars and simply love the way my swift handles feels good to be here pra2veen2007-11-05 16:42:55
  2. sh** !!!... i thot that the jackhammer was the biggest.... this one is simply incredible.... u actually think ppl can put these in cars ???
  3. thanks ppl.... i got the relay wires changed too so that the wires dont burn off. the xenon lamps are stinking expensive, so, i dont think i'll be able to spend that much on them
  4. hey... i posted a similar post... i dint realize that it's been posted already. i'm new here
  5. i'm not able to view the pictures. its says that i dont have permission to view the pictures.
  6. i got my headlight bulbs changed to philips blue vision after the shop keeper told me that they will be white rather than the normal yellow glow. i realized that they're more powerful but not exactly white only after i installed them. Does anybody know of a type of bulbs which are relatively cheap and look quite white ?? plz lemme know
  7. did anybody hear abt the MTX jackhammer woofer... its supposed to be an amazing woofer. i've hear of only one case of it being installed in a car. i saw it on "pimp my ride" on vh1. do any of u ppl know of any other person putting it in their cars ?
  8. why do all foreign cars in india cost so much more than the same in other countries ??? is it because of the high import duties ?? But, why does the govt have to levy such high taxes on imports ?? Isn't it good for the country if there're more imports ??