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  1. that'll be amazing.... maybe then, a lot more of us could buy them
  2. nice one rssh. what did you mean by you cant fit in it anymore? are you that tall? and how much did the whole paint job cost you? coincidentally, my matiz is 01 model and it's got the same number too, but in ap registration :-)
  3. That's true but, i got mine in a month in may. diesel vxi. i took it from saboo motors using some influence from the manager and all. try to do something like that. varun motors has the highest waiting period even now. he said it'll take 8 months for the car to come a few weeks ago
  4. Ya... something indian maybe, because it's the indian forum, like maybe a safari or something. :-)
  5. WagonR - What Any Guy Obviously Never Rides
  6. relation? well, depends on which side of the windshield is cooler or hotter. the mist forms on the warmer side. according to FRG the mist gets worse with every wipe, but even i dont understand what does wiping have to do with more mist. beats me
  7. It's not about not supporting an indian company. it's just that the tata cars are wonderful cars except for the quality which is pathetic. if they fix that, they're gonna be on top
  8. That is a pain in the head but still, i'd rather bear a false alarm once in a while than lose somethin from my car
  9. Ya... maybe you're right. but, FRG will take someone's help if he wants any. there's already someone in the second highest license. i think he must be helping FRG out
  10. Yup... that makes sense... i was just kidding about the beating up and all. but still, the bus drivers drive around as if the road is their dad's. they dont care if a car is in the way because they know the car will move away seeing the bus. same with the public. most of the blame is on the drivers not the public
  11. pra2veen

    Bye Guys

    if you really really have to go because of some reason then all i can say is, it was great having you here. do try to come here when you can, just to keep in touch. bye. take care
  12. Now that's what i call a pimped up swift. anyway, wonderful pics rssh... they made this thread feel like heaven for ppl like me who dint make it to the show. thanks a lot
  13. I guess it'll be able to give you around 35kms in the city per litre
  14. it is always best to double check for 0 when you're filling after a 2 wheeler or auto( becoz they usually fill for small amounts). the petrol pump guy doesn't reset the amount by not fixing the pipe back fully and so, it doesn't reset to 0. he starts filling our car b4 we notice. i noticed this once when i was filling my car with gas. he tried distracting me by asking me where to put the grounding cables on the car(as if my car was the first car he filled with gas). he started filling at 200rs. i made him stop and shouted at him and screamed at the manager for this. the manager made him fill my tank again and gave me 300rs back saying sorry. he even sent the worker away.
  15. But, the car security systems like autocop and stuff like that sound an alarm if the car is opened with ruler. do they sound an alarm if the glass is broken too?
  16. Go for the pulsar220 if you can shell out that much money. if not, take the karizma. the other pulsars are way too common.
  17. What about a harley v-rod? that one looks cool too. dont you think that'd fit in here?
  18. I would say the magnum is a better car anyday. performance and it's more value-for-money than the skoda. the skoda looks very outdated too
  19. i agree, the swift does rattle a lot too on bumps and all. i'm trying my best to go on the best part of the road i can or to alteast go slowly on bumps
  20. what's TATA going to patent ??? their build quality ????
  21. beat up the reckless drivers, put them in a torture chamber for a few days, halve their salaries and suspend them for a few months... that would help