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  1. nice one 'i_see' .... the indian part was cool and very true..... the rest of the thing was equally good
  2. the civic would be my choice if i wanted styling. but, the fuel economy is bad and i would rather buy a laura ambiente than a civic. it's so frustrating to have to keep having to go to the petrol bunk
  3. i dont think the car will sell much because it's priced way too high. maybe they're bringing the car just to be the first ones to do it in india....
  4. i dont know whether this thread is about people's car theft stories or something else.... but, here's something that i've seen i was staying in my uncle's house a long long time ago and he had an automatic maruti 800 with some music system in it. the car was parked in the house. when we woke up the next morning we found the rear wind-shield taken off and the music system stolen and all the wires hanging out. i never expected a thief to pull of the rear glass and steal stuff. i thought it was easier from the side windows. anyway, that's one theft i witnessed
  5. all the cars deserve to be in the top 10 list but i dont like the ferrari dino design much.... a lambo diablo would've deserved a place in this list
  6. those look amazing... wonder how it'll look on a white swift... any idea how much these cost ??? i would love to put them on my car
  7. hey, how come in the first few pics, the car has alloys and mirrors and all but in the later pics they aren't there... did you take them off ???
  8. FERRARI : For Excellence, Retired Racers Are Recommending Improvements ( MSch )
  9. upload it in and then put up the direct link here....
  10. it's designed like a mini SUV but it's bigger than a hatchback. and it has an intelligent all wheel drive system too. i'm disappointed it's not going to make it here..
  11. hey mnd, what's the cheapest you can get some decent xenon lamps for ??? what else would i need to change to accomodate them ???
  12. nice one rssh.... but, maybe a 1.1 would make more sense for him because of the long trips you drive occasionally.... it would give you better mileage and hence lower running cost... if power is not the only thing you want, then i suggest you go for the 1.1
  13. it would be nice if you could post some pictures for us to see.... even we could see what you saw in a way
  14. i agree... if there's gonna be a case, then VW is gonna win it.... but still, the two symbols are too different to sue
  15. both of the cars might be comin with the same diesel engines.... fiat ones.... the maruti's service is going to be better than the fiat's any day. it most probably will be a little cheaper than the linea too....
  16. but, what's there to sue bajaj about ??? the design might just be inspired by the volkwagen logo... it doesn't even resemble the symbol.....i dont think there's any way that VW can sue bajaj for that design
  17. if the grande punto and the fabia are released then it will face serious cmpetition indeed
  18. i got the Pioneer 6950IB for 7k ( or 7.5k ) and 460w rear and i dont remember the front ones... it cost me approx 10k.. i had to stretch my budget a little too for this but it works great... the panel is amazing and has list selection which is very very handy and it even has aux (wire not included) into the dash. the sound and everything else is good pra2veen2007-11-20 10:31:03