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  1. it was on the news yesterday...karun wont be driving F1 until 2009 pra2veen2007-11-20 10:02:37
  2. it was on the news yesterday.... karun chandok will continue in gp2 till his contract ends there and might come back to an f1 place, if all goes well. He says he's not expecting a place for himself in Force India even though Vijay mallya has been there family friend and all...
  3. i think the esteem is a good one... i always loved the car.... its got space, a peppy engine and looks decent too with a sensible price tag....
  4. yeah.... i think the volume sales started... i've seen quite a few here in hyd.... it looks good and i think it's gonna do great... i like the advertisement too
  5. KIA - Killed In Action HONDA - Hub Of New Designs Always RENAULT - Re-Engineered, Not All Useful, Lame Technologies
  6. thought i'd put up another pic.... here it is.... it looks better with the tint pra2veen2007-11-19 21:56:17
  7. it's not about choosing cars over a company or the better car. this poll is just about what cars you think would impress you to buy your next car.... it's just asking you which country you think makes better cars
  8. thats nice... but why the censoring of the number plates ???
  9. i found this on another site, looks like somebody did put it in their car... Quote: mtx 22" jackhammer is the best i have that sub i will tell you now if you get it you will never whant to turn it all the way up the fu--ing thing has takin my car windows out 4 times in the past 3 weeks all so i took it to a comp and a frend wanted me to turn it all the way up so i did and i not only blow out my windows but 3 other car windows down from me i meen holy sh-- i will never turn that thing that loud agen inless i whant to piss some one off lol any way the mtx 22" jackhammer by far is the best out there if you have the mony lol here take a look at this thing so you can see what i mean
  10. maybe it's just coincidence... the bajaj symbol looks fine. are there any other things that bajaj copied that you found ??
  11. the ad is so stupid... i liked the pulsar ad better... it atleast was nice to watch.... this one i dont like at all
  12. but the figures in the article you quoted are for multiple woofers... not a single one
  13. if the fiat linea's gonna come a couple of months away from your car-buying-day then try to post-pone it a little because the city's been in the market for quite long and the new car boast good looks and interiors and might regret after buying the car
  14. yeah.... so, it's kinda crazy to put anything of that sort in a car... maybe it'll make all the nuts and bolts in the car loose pra2veen2007-11-19 18:31:51
  15. I think Verna Gets 3 and as Fiesta Is not there in European Markets and in US market we dont know how it fares ' date=' the Fiesta has a Hatch Variant in US Cheers [/quote']the verna getting 3 is acceptable but the problem is that the car tested had many airbags... we dont have those many here
  16. the colour has to be the most confusing thing.... the problem is, you decide one or two colours that you like and someone else tells you that some other color is good or that colour is too common or something like that... in the end you cant decide what color to take
  17. looks like ther's something wrong... the site's in some other language
  18. the suzuki access looks good... better than the others in the poll and you forgot to put up kinetic blaze too pra2veen2007-11-19 16:37:12
  19. i agree... but dont you think the grande punto will be a little more expensive than the swift ?? that'll surely be a setback
  20. thats nice cyrus... eagerly waiting for the pics... please put them as soon as possible.
  21. i agree.... i feel the quarter glass makes the car lose its entire appeal.... thats the only reason i dont like the car's shape