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  1. i wont be able to make it to this show (Exams going on), can anyone tell me when the speed run is ?? maybe i can make it for that one atleast
  2. he's got rear parking sensors ??? that's cool !!! how much did it cost mndvishnu ?
  3. nope... dint do that... it wont make much sense.. the swift will blow the fiesta away. i dont drive the fiesta much anyway after i bought the swift..
  4. diesels make you spend a little more on maintenance and are vibrate a little more but they make more sense because of the fuel efficiency and the lower cost of diesel. nowadays, the diesel versions of some cars are better performers than their petrol siblings
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    white for me..... white white white
  6. what's wrong with that ??? why'd they change the swift like that ??? is that the new swift ?? it looks bad
  7. they're the best car makers in the world now. japanese
  8. thats sad... i was hoping the car would be coming here very soon. if they still didn't fix a date, maybe there's still lots of time before they launch it
  9. ya... let us know when you succesfully convince your dad
  10. what's the cheapest that you can get decent xenon lamps ??
  11. ok...thats nice then.... but, that means the company is sure about the delivery in 15 days. the swift diesel waiting period is in months, what're they going to do about that ??? there must be some loophole in that
  12. what does that mean ?? could you explain please.... i really dint understand
  13. ok... can we even put the normal halogen bulbs in the projector ones ??? or is it compulsory that we have to upgrade to xenons / ?? ?
  14. i agree with sidharth. maybe a 2-lakh bike would've made more sense. but, mostly even if this scooter does come out here, it'll be mainly targeted at the rich people who have everything and who want to buy their young kids something exclusive other than a bike thats a very small market they're aiming for
  15. just tell him that both of them have the same power and the thunderbird is bigger and has more stability because it is heavier or something.. . tell him the avenger is too short for you...
  16. the fiesta's worth the money absolutely. the verna would be a better choice for you if you are a performance freak and blaze down highways very often. my fiesta gave me no problems whatsoever and i'm very satisfied with the ford service( in Hyd). The fusion apparently feels even more under-powered than the fiesta, so that's bad. take the ZXi model if you can. the interiors of the base model ( mine, EXi ) are pretty boring and it has no head and arm rests in the back.
  17. well... u are quite tall and if you can pay up that kind of money (around 1 lakh) for the bike, then i suggest you go for the thunderbird.... i'm 6'2" and i've driven my cousin's Thunderbird and it feels awesome. thats the only bike i feel good on