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  1. dunno about the speed but thunderbird is rocksolid at high speeds too and would look amazing on a tall rider. the avenger is a little short for taller people. i would suggest you go for the avenger if you're not that tall and if you're looking for value-for-money bike in the segment
  2. yeah... it'll be good if they launch it, but dont you think it'll be too expensive for people to buy one ???
  3. ya.. sure.... i've been there already a couple of months ago because my car had a starting problem. they fixed it free of charge and told me that the car wasn't starting because the immoblizer setting was on or something which i dint even put in my car. they removed it i guess.
  4. nope... i was talking about the old one and it had front airbags too. you can check it out yourself in the above link. even though the cars were of an older generation, i didnt know they had such bad safety ratings pra2veen2007-11-16 10:17:19
  5. hello sidharth. glad to see you here. where're you from ??
  6. maybe the dealer bought it from somewhere a few months ago and wanted to sell it off. maybe as a second hand. did he show the bike outside the showroom ??
  7. yup... that's a waste of money. i received a letter from maruti saying that some of the vehicles had a small engine defect and that they wanted to check in every vehicle to fix it so i have to take it to the workshop. they said it's covered under warranty. any idea what it is ???
  8. it's accent 1.5/5...and even baleno got 1.5.. every crash test done on the car resulted in heavy injury to the chest. that usually means death. the swift, getz and sx4 got 4/5 but all of them had front and side head airbags in the test models. we dont have them here.
  9. the chase with the minis in Italian Job is awesome... i'd watch it any time...
  10. cars for me.... i'd rather go with windows and ac up with my favourite music playing rather than standing on the bike in polluted junctions with buses blowing smoke all over me
  11. and along with that, the existing highways should be repaired.... they're getting worse day by day in some places
  12. i just went through the european crash safety test website and found out that the hyundai accent got a pathetic 1.5 stars out of 5 stars. now, that was surprising
  13. i feel that' date=' 6 months waiting will be for the VDi ABS. it will take more time than ordinary diesel swift. there is another option you can try. use the NRI scheeme to get the delivery faster. transfer certain amount from an NRI account and make the remaining payment by ypurself. the waiting period will be lower[/quote'] or you could just talk to someone who knows a manager of one of the dealers and try to get it sooner... btw, my friend ( the one who wanted the car) gave up and decided on not buying the car anyway.....
  14. are the other cars in the site namely the XL7 and the sx4 crossover expected to come here later ???
  15. why're the front one's so much more expensive than the rear ones ??? they're almost double
  16. the body skirts and the alloys look good on the sx4 sport... is it gonna be coming here ???
  17. absolutely.... atleast people stop drinking and driving because of the strictness of the crackdown and the consequences... drunken driving not only puts the drunk driver at risk but all fellow road users.
  18. ya.... i spoke to my driver about it and he told me that they did the same thing. the mechanic told me that its a very risky thing coz if they overheat it burns up and becomes useless. is 3000rs for the repair worth it? i had 2 dents on the side at the bottom on the right. the paint gone on the right. the dents are like 2 deep each
  19. the shift of the swift is good and its got a short throw. it's a little hard to slot in but it feels sporty to use. didn't maruti use the same one in the estilo ??
  20. there're many people who would want to buy the sports bikes as long as they are below 1 lakh. there would be people who will buy bikes above that but they are more limited in number. a proper cruiser like the enfield should be nice to see. there're not many new cruisers in the country