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  1. I understand your ordeal very well. But, I would suggest you to take this up with Autocar India magazine (this is the forum). There is a section dedicated to serivce greviances and I'm hopeful that your problem will be taken up there too.
  2. @lineshshah: This show is till 12th December.
  3. Sorry....Its Nissan. Can I edit the post? I will do the change if its possible.
  4. I visited the Thailand International Motor Show on 5th Dec. Here are a few pics. A dealer had kept all imported cars Lamborghini Ferrari This is the Ssangyong stall Mitsubishi stall Mitsubishi's electric concept Mitsubishi girls Lancer Hyundai electric vehicle TATA motors stall Suzuki stall SX4 APV New Ford Fiesta hatch New Fiesta sedan Proton stall Mazda stall These people are booking their new Nissan March (Micra) Mazda concept Mazda MX5 Honda Brio Honda's 250cc bike Peugeot stall 207 sedan Mini Cooper (my dad's favorite)
  5. I think the Fiesta is getting updated in 2011. Are we getting the new Figo also?
  6. Hi, are there any Volvo bus fans in our forum? I searched for Volvo related threads, but didn't come across any Volvo bus threads. Well, I am a fan of Volvo buses. I first traveled in a Volvo bus from Bangalore to Mumbai in 2004. Since then, I have been traveling quite frequently between Bangalore and Pune in Volvo buses. Recently, I traveled in a brand new Volvo 9400 multi axel bus. It was operated by the famous Mumbai-Pune Neeta Travels. The bus was in wonderful condition. Being a new bus, the suspension was excellent (Volvo uses air suspension in its buses). The journey was good. The 9400 is powered by a 6 cylinder, 7000cc engine which produces 290 hp at 2100 rpm. It uses a 6 forward, 1 reverse gearbox. I always think how much fun would it be driving one! Note: The pic posted here is not that of the bus I traveled by.
  7. Don't buy a petrol TATA. In my opinion, if you like the looks of Wagon-R, go for it. You get all the Maruti benefits in that car.
  8. I also thought so. But this news article says "Honda Siel Cars India (HSCI) said the world premiere of the prototype of the new small-size vehicle will take place at the forthcoming 27th Thailand International Motor Expo 2010, starting November 30". source: http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/news-by-industry/auto/automobiles/Honda-to-showcase-small-car-prototype-at-Thailand-Motor-Expo/articleshow/6895246.cms
  9. I read some days back in Economic Times that Honda is showcasing its small car at the Thai Motor Show this December. It also reported that the show begins on 30th November. Now, I will be in Thailand during that time. I am trying to get more information on that show, but can't really find it. If any of you are aware, please update this post. Thanks in advance!
  10. Post deleted: Posts that do not add any quality content, will be deleted. Mod-TeamBornFree2010-10-20 18:55:19
  11. Dailmer India Commercial Vehicles (DIVC) is investing Rs 4,400 crores for setting up a commercial vehicle manufacturing facility at Oragadam in Tamil Nadu. They are going to develop a new range of commercial vehicles specifically for the Indian market and will roll out 6-49 tonne capacity vehicles during May-June 2012. source: Economic Times.
  12. @archit: Yes the Fiesta also matches up to competition. But there was no dealership in that area and moreover, the car is not readily available as yet.
  13. I am not able to upload images. Please visit this link http://img541.imageshack.us/gal.php?g=30013587.jpg
  14. Hi, My parents moved to Thailand about 3 months ago. My Dad was driving a swift Vdi here. So, he wanted something of similar size and power at Thailand as well. He loves hatchbacks! After comparing cars available there, we zeroed in on Honda Jazz and Mazda 2 hatchback (Mazda 2 sedan is also available. I loved it. But my Dad insisted going for the hatchback). We bought a Mazda 2 hatchback AT Groove version, white color. The swift in India was also white. The options were: Honda Jazz, Ford Fiesta (Figo), Mazda 2, Suzuki Swift and Toyota Yaris. The car looks fabulous. It has a 1.5lt four cylinder engine producing a max of 103 bhp. A top speed of 168 km/ph and an economy of 14.3 km/pl (factory figures). We should get this in India also. Although Mazda is present in India with Swaraj. But I think that partnership is not going beyond buses and other CV's. I don't have the actual photos, but I got a few from the internet to post here. Will update with actual pics once I have them. The official site is http://www.mazda.co.th/en/Index.php
  15. Hey...Go for the Ford Figo diesel. Its a true value for money and an excellent family car. You are gonna be a family soon! Best wishes, Ksh*tij.