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  1. In my humble opinion.. Its UGLY!! What were the car designers thinking!!?? Let me take a guess.. They must've said.. Let's take the nose of a Dodge Charger and weld it on.. Why not carry on the Cheetah theme over from the XUV500 and give its grill claws on both sides of the logo even if it hasn't got any resemblance with the rest of the body... We'll play it safe by not touching the major body lines... And let just show the Tatas even we can put plastic cladding on the rear... Speaking of rear.. The red, orange and white tail light combo is too outdated.. Lets put some bling!! And blue!! Maruti guys called it the blue eyed boy.. We'll call it the blue a** boy!! The proposal then went to the top bosses for approval.. And they said.. Yeah whatever.. This car has no real contender.. As a result people are gonna buy it no matter how ugly it looks.. We are happy as long as we make money.. APPROVED! Wake up guys.. This design is hideous!!! Especially the rear.. Totally messed up!! And yes people will still buy it.. Only and only because... Its cheaper than an Innova, has more space than a Mobilio and is a wee bit more refined than a Storme. That's it! I don't know where the world (of car design) is heading... First they take a decent looking Innova.. And then ruin it!! Next they take a WagonR.. Put on a Stingray badge and sell washing machine for a car.. And now this.. Oh god save us!
  2. A much needed facelift indeed. I guess it'll be launched around Diwali!! Rains are a bad time to launch new bikes and that's a well known fact. IMO, from the front it looks a lot like the Suzuki Inazuma!! Anyone else feels like that..? Can't wait for more pics from other angles.
  3. I agree with every word Prashantroxx said above!! Its no doubt an awesome car and with if the car in the pic above gets launched, sales figures will definately go off the roof!! AMG1, the Superb could be a poor man's Merc S65 AMG if fitted with Pete's Tuning Box, what say?
  4. 'Hitlerinlove'.. Hmm, that's an interesting handle you've got there. Interesting coz of the life he lived when not in the public eye. Well, coming back to the topic, from your description looks as though you are a total automobile fanatic! And we are glad to have you on board!
  5. 20,000 is okay.. And a Lakh too is alright(ish).. But FIVE LAKHS!! One can buy the top end Wagon R for that price.. And at the end of the day, its just a number! I wouldn't spend that much an amount even if i could afford it! To me, it just doesn't make sense.
  6. Thanks a lot Prancing Horse!! Thanks a lot bro!! Thanks for you good wishes, ra4! I came online for the first time after 2 weeks and felt as if i was in a new place altogether!! So many unread threads!!
  7. I agree with rssh here!! Performance bikes should mandatorily have ABS!! And commuter bikes should offer it as an optional extra!! It should be provided on all bikes, its a life saving technology. Go for the ABS version, i am sure your life is worth more than Rs.10,000! As for the colour, i like white more than black!! With the dark grey graphics on the bike, white offers a good contrast.
  8. Hahahabahaha!!! Thanks a lot Dr.Nishu!! Yups.. My treat on ACI Forum's next meet!!
  9. HAHAHAHAHA!! True that!!!! It can be one heck of a classic muscle... But right now... Its just a piece of junk!! Anyways... Do you have any info regarding the Innova's Registration Number..? I am really very curious!!!
  10. Thanks a lot Librankur!!! Yes, they are really very happy!! It feels great!!
  11. Yesterday, i was in Andheri in a double decker BEST bus and i spotted this... A Toyota Innova at Hindustan Unilever Ltd, Near Western Express Highway, Andheri (E), Mumbai. It had a tourist taxi 'T' symbol on it, but its registeration number seemed rather unusual!! Have a look at the pics below!! Can anyone please throw some light as to why the registeration number is somewhat unusual!!?? Also spotted this Classic American Muscle Car at Borivali's Indraprastha Shopping Mall! I guess its a 1975 Pontiac Grand Ville. I am not a 100% sure though.. Its just lying there collecting dust in the parking lot! Thought i'd share!!
  12. Where are these guys today......? Durango Dude, TSiVipul, sb-alto, arun1987c, etc etc... It would've been great to have them around!!
  13. What happened to this car?? The Amby CS!! Has it been launched yet..?? I don't think so!! Never seen it on our streets!!!
  14. Today, i got a NEW JOB!!!!!!!! I'll be working for IndusInd Bank now!!! Yaay!!!!