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  1. thanks prashant ................i will get in touch with this dealer .
  2. For long time i am looking for a used super bike dealer or some one who can sell those beautys for cheap. Not able to find a single reliable person or dealer who selles them. New one is out of my budget . So guys advise me how to buy one (super bike) in delhi . whome to approach , how much it cost. there are some grey market or can say importers who selles them with fake pappers .....but i am not able to fine even them here in delhi . Waiting for your reply friends
  3. if the company introduce this dustur then dustur lose its status & lose market share for sure . This is my view ........we indians r very particular about our status - social standing . This model wil downgrade the status of Dustur . Most of us dont use our SUV's and big Cars enough , we just bought them for social stauts .
  4. u r right sir beating swift is next to impossible in INDIA just bcz its price is quite low compare to HONDA .
  5. How much it cost ? this model failed before just bcz of its priceing .........otherwise it was a grt car. We indians are price senstive so mention the price or expected price of this jazz. If it cost more then this honda too failed against Maruti Suzukis Swift the king of mid price hatch