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  1. Thank you rssh, for your guidance. I am raising my problem to VW India & Germany as well. The exact part to be replaced was stated as "Head Kit". To me this seems a "poor quality of product" that was delivered, which caused an Engine problem within 3 years of pruchase. I have had Maruti 800 & Zen running for 10+ years before I purchased VW Polo. There were problems in Maruti cars but not within 3 years of purchase
  2. I purchased VW Polo 1.2 Petrol ComfortLine in 2010. For past about 8 to 10 months, I noticed the Catalytic Convertor light coming on during drive and sometimes going off too. I read the manual and pointed this to VW Service center (Noida Sec63). Most often this light will not come on during the times my car was on service and since other matters needed attention, this got off the list. This continued, until recently, the light came on and started blinking and engine started stalling. I actually panicked. I somehow got the car off the NH-24 highway into a side street and I called Insurance and this service center for help, none came - both of them needed me to show RSA coverage which I did not have. Couple of hours of telecon duels, and the engine had cooled off and I could drive the car to service station. Light did not come on. Now the VW Service says that car has some problem on one of the three Cylinders and needs a Head replacement. I am not on any warranty - except Insurance. They claim that Head is about INR 85,000 and against customer goodwill from VW, they will absorb 80% of the cost and charge me INR 17,000 only. I have many question to ask to VW India / Germany on my situation, however for this current situation I need the car driveability reinstated. Kindly guide me if these prices are quoted correctly OR I am being taken for a ride. The VW Service Center claims that I can confirm this from any other service center. But I trust this forum can guide me better. Thank You B RC