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  1. Automobile Kapoor Arneja Automobiles Both are SOB's because they enjoy exclusivity from TATA Motors which is quite unfortunate. Their service might be satisfactory for offroaders like Safari but in the case of Indica and Indigo, they are dumb asses! Blame it on the TATA build quality or their aftersales service, both suck ig time. However, I have learnt quite a few things in my life and one of them is never buy TATA again unless you aim to own a TAXI company. I seriously suggest you should report this to TATA Motors through their website. I am sure some sort of action will be taken.. But I feel you are exaggerating a bit by calling TATA a Taxi company. Tata Safari Dicor is a fine SUV. TATA is one of the best companies we have as of now in the country there is no debating that. I seriously think you should reconsider your decision not buy a TATA made car. Purely on the basis that you have had a prior bad experience..