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  1. @nishu Now I am daily commuting with this car. In city, i am roughly getting 8 to 8.5 kmpl. This weekend, I drove from Chennai to Bangalore, the experience was awesome. I drove about 750 kms in total. On highway, I reached the speed of 160 kmph and still the engine was ready for more, for which I didn't get a chance as the roads are curved or other vehicle lead me to press the brakes . I mostly drove in the speed range of 120 to 160 in morning when driving from Chennai and as well in night when I drove back from Bangalore with slight windows and sunroof open(night). Its sound system is very good, only one of the speaker on the front left door seems to going off that too very occasionally for heavy rock music. @Durango, Yes, its thirsty engine in city I am getting around 8 to 8.5 and on highway with my speedy driving style, I got between 10 to 11 kmpl. Well when I buy this car, I want to enjoy the drive and speed. I test drove other cars - fiesta petrol, accent viva, logan diesel, uva, swift. Other than accent viva, I didn't find the cars enough powerful. Accent Viva is also thirsty but I missed that car by few days as it was already sold when I went next time to the dealer. I guess, my heart asks for the thirsty cars. Regarding resale, if needed, I think it would go at a maximum loss of Rs. 1 lac, if I keep it in good condition. Well, car looks elegant, classy and powerful. It has no visible dents and scratches. Only concern I have is the shock absorber and suspension system, which I needs to get checked. Any idea how much expense I am looking at for getting fixed the same. Conclusion: Sometimes you have to follow your heart than your head, and I am loving what my heart suggested. Also, did I mention the registration number is of two digits 00XX (X same).
  2. Thanks for all the help. I booked the Optra 1.8 LT last sunday and took the delivery on Friday. Car outline, looks, and interiors are too good. It is spacious in both front and back seats. I haven't noted the mileage yet, started noting the meter reading from yesterday only at the point of full tank. Next Full tank will give me a brief idea of mileage. I am hoping it will touch 8 kmpl, as my driving style is not bad. My only major concern is shockers, for Chennai roads it sometimes seems too much too handle. What can be done in regard to that? What kind of expenses I am looking at? I am very happy with my buy as I never expected to touch 1800 cc engine with my budget. @dr_nishu As you said it is little lethargic in initial speed pickup but after 30 I like the acceleration. @creativebala It is the same car you saw in TSM velacharry office. It is so well maintained that no one can say it is as 6 year old car. Next weekend taking to Bangalore, lets see how it performs.
  3. Well! I went to TMS today and find Fiesta 1.6 SXi Duratec Silver with about 30000 km for Rs. 3.9 lacs. I test drove it ut cam e to know that it is already blocked for the other user who did do 1 week back. Then I got a chance to look at the Chervrolet Optra 2004 top model (black dolor and cream interioirs) with 50000 km for Rs. 3.75 lac. Some details: - New Tyres - Body lines pretty fine and nice finishing with minor small paint brush fixes which are negligible and mostly invisible. - New insurance will be provided. - Interiors are good with minor hiccups such as tear off of the gear cover, driver's seat right hand rest on the door also has the tear off. - Rest I drove it upto 800 and I felt the power of the engine, far better than Fiesta 1.6 SXi. - Tomorrow planned to take Mechanic along to test the details of the car - Single owner - Left rear view mirror is broken but will be replaced before the delivery. About the other cars which I mentioned: Viva 1.6 - gone (already sold) Fiesta 1.4 SXi (actually the user has customised the car with Leather interiors, change of dashboard, innbuilt msic system and alloy wheels. That's why he kept saying it as 1.4 SXi. So, please tell me the verdict on the optra. I heard the mileage for 1.8 egine will be arund 8-9 in city. I can provide the fuel for that kind of thirst. But can it be more thirsty. Also, for highways I expect it to give 10-11 mileage. Am I expecting too much. Please reply soon as I am planning to finalize the deal tomorrow, else this car will be gone by the time I decide. Will greatly appreciate your inputs on the same. Thanks, Vigour
  4. Thanks for the info lets see what happens tomorrow. One question I have for fiesta is that the dealer is saying its fiesta 1.4 Duratec SXi(Petrol), but I do not much cars with 1.4 SXi for fiesta online. Is it possible that ford made SXi 1.4 initially and started installing 1.6 engine.
  5. Ok! I will try with TSM, but their website doesn't have many models. Will try to call them to check the available deals. @sgiitk What kind of mileage you expect from the Accent Viva with the 50k+ reading. I want to know how much thirsty it can go . Also what do you think the price tag for 2005 model should be - 2.5 lac or even less? I know that dealer will make from Rs. 20 to 40k but the odds of getting in screwed up car gets reduced; though, I could be wrong. I haven't find the deals in the Honda city as you suggested. Individual owners are quoting the prices really high on different websites. Also, individual buy has restriction of financing if needed, which is available with the dealers. I am also planning to check the Fiesta on friday (30k kms - 2007 model).
  6. Sorry I forgot to mention that Dealer said that before delivery he is going to do all the repairs,paint needed and thorough service.
  7. Hi All, Today, I went to true value and Mahindra first choice. True value doesn't has decent car for my purpose. Swift is not available and the rates as suggested by the executive their is pretty much in the range of 3.5+. In Mahindra, I got two deals which seems fine. 1) Accent Viva (1.6 cc) 2005 model, with 50K km. reading. I drove the and I can feel the power in first few gears, but couldn't able to take it above 40 as it was in the rush hour time. More details: - Color: Scarlet Red (something), sporty look. - I was feeling some noise in the start; mechanic told me that it is because of idol bearing something, not sure what it is, and belt issue, which can be fixed. - Gear box seems little hard, after pressing the clutch completely. - Rest leg room and the power seems fine to me. - There is some paint erosion on left front edge (Minor), seems like scratch while turning. - There is one small dent at the back in the left boot where the Hyndai is marked. Rate: Rs. 2.7 lac and not ready to negotiate more on it. Other car which is coming tomorrow is Fiesta 1.4 SXi (2007 model) in P. Black color with about 30k reading. They are coating it at a price of Rs 3.68 lac. please suggest is Accent viva good. As I am satisfied with its power and look , but not aware of its performance after 50k reading. Dealer suggested that the mileage in city will be around 8-9 and highway upto 12 with A/C. What do you guys suggest? I want to close the deal as viva is scarce to find as per my knowledge. Should I also check fiesta tomorrow?
  8. Thanks again for invaluable inputs! So tomorrow may go to Mahindra First Choice for pricing and avaiability. So outcome till now is: - Ford Fiesta (2006+ model). Till how much km reading should I go for. <60K or something. Either Petrol or Diesel one do. - Honda City (when you say late make. how much late you are talking about in here - 2007+). Also should I look between 60 to 1 lac km reading for it. I am not sure if I get it below 4 lacs. - No to small cars(wagonr, santro, alto, i10 or ritz) - No to Getz and Ford Ikon - No to Swift for high valuation for used cars. - What about Tata Indigo? - What about Hydai accent? Hope not bothering you all too much with my queries! Regards!
  9. Sorry! I forget to mention that fuel efficiency is important but not an hindrance if the car delights at the cost of the efficiency :)/
  10. @Rahul, Thanks for your input. I really cleared my intentions that I want a car with decent power and good for long drive. I have driven Alto and I consider it as just a means of commuting but not for fun and long drive. It doesn't have power and with A/C on, which is a must for me in any climate hot or cold, is not adequate to handle the power required for fast and long drive. I am buying car so that I can enjoy a long drive staying away from Chennai on weekend or may be a week. I will be living mostly for Kerela Hill stations but may be to Goa occasionally. About Getz, I heard a lot but I think it won't fit into my requirement, as once the ODO says 50k+ resale value is random. It can go down much below 2.5 if bought at 3.25. Also, as this car is no more in production, parts will eventually will become scare. @BornFree Yes, I am inclined towards Ford Fiesta, but I am not sure how much I should stretch my budget. I am looking at Fiesta Diesel at present as it is making more sense to me. I talked to First choice today with the agent at the first choice in Chennai and he said that they don't have any certified Fiesta with them. By certification, they meant whether the car is older than 2003 build or 60k+ meter reading. They told me that they will call me back by Tuesday. What I really want to know is what kind of price should I look at now - model of 2006 make or 50K+ kms. for around 3 and 3.5 lacs budget. Can you give me an idea of pricing what should I look for in terms of kms and year manufactured for fiesta? 2006 model - deisel with X kms - what should I cost. There are some vague range for the same that vary from 3 to 5.5. lacs for the similar configuration. Also regarding the paper work, how much expenses and time needs to be spend for the registration and name transfer. I do no know any mechanic for the car whom I can take along with to inspect the car. Whom should I get to do the same? Should I try to approach personally the Ford service mechanics or anyone from small mechanic shop. The problem is the language as I do not know Tamil. Will greatly appreciate your inputs!
  11. Well I have been reading this forum as guest for quite some time. This is my first post and query, as I am planning to buy used car within a week or two. I am planning to buy a car that I want to keep till next July or August (10-11 months) and then sell back again. My budget is around Rs. 3 lacs but if get a good deal, I can stretch it to 4 lacs. Earlier I was look at swift petrol or diesel, as I am fond of this car, but current market trend, 6 months pending orders for new car, has kept its resale value so high that even the 3 year old car with 30K+ kms is costing more than 3.5 lacs, the price which I think is overvalues for the same. So I am not looking into the same. Now, I am thinking of options to go for fiesta, Ikon or Accent. I read the article one for the someone's grandfather and users here strongly suggested fiesta. But my requirements are different, as follows. - Once or twice long drive in a month(700-1500kms). in 11 months expecting around 20K+ kms. - Like to have high power and torque, but decent power will also do. - resale value after 11 months (min loss - can go upto Rs. 50-75k). That's why I am also not looking at new cars. - Petrol and Diesel is not a big issue. - I have drive too much of Wagon R at my hometown, so not looking at that segment. I also have Swift and like to drive it, but my brother betrayed me and took it with him . Please suggest some cars, and how should I approach to buy a used car. I am thinking of reaching Maruti truevalue and Mahindra First Choice. What your suggestion for the same - should I try buying from individual user? How much hassle I have to go through if I buy from the individual - like registration and insurance and paper stuff. Note: I am North-Indian bachelor living in Chennai .