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  1. That pretty old but you should also consider other aspects like mileage on Odo like chinmaya.bhat said. And if you want to buy then it's the right time because you'll get many discounts for Diwali. Lxtreme
  2. Yes how can it be??I think he is talking about monthly running. :?
  3. What about posting an ownership review of your GT TDI?
  4. Yes, That's what Hyundai needs working with. Every Hyundai car except the Sonata and Santa Fe have very soft suspension. And the Handling is also below average.
  5. Nice pics Prashant . One question - Have you done the Underbody treatment??
  6. Awesome! Follows the same Fluidic sculpture.
  7. The criterion to be a member is the car has to be above 400bhp, and has to cost over 1 crore.