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  1. Thanks for the cool break-up. I have been driving for almost 10 years and I doubt i use the clutch or the breaks too much. I don't drive very fast also. May be I have to check the mileage after filling up the tank as you guys are saying. Avinash
  2. I know that measuring the mileage will not increase the mileage. I just wanted to know that I am measuring it correctly. Maruti cars have good fuel economy, but Polo cant be that bad. Infact, I received almost 13Kms/ltr in the beginning. But, later it decreased. So, I am wondering whats wrong.
  3. Hi, I have a polo 1.2 petrol and I am a bit disappointed with the mileage that it is providing. Its not crossing 10Kms/Lt in the city no matter how i drive. I don't seem to find a way to measure the mileage accurately. Can anybody help me with this.
  4. Post deleted: Please post your queries under the right section. Or search for similar posts/threads. BornFree2011-03-25 04:14:57
  5. Thought I will share my driving experience of my new polo 1.2 petrol with all of you. I have driven about 2500KMS mostly in Bangalore city and a couple of trips on the highway. I should say its a pleasure driving a VW car. 1) I realized or feel that the car is not actually so big as the pictures in the website projects. Its actually quite small and can easily manoeuver in traffic. Having said that the space inside the car is generous and very comfortable and spacious. All credits go the spectacular design. 2) I am happy with the interiors and the features that comfortline offers, the power windows, etc. stuff are working well and cool. The central console comes with some common features, 3) The central lock feature is quite ok. The false alarm is cool as in there's always an LED that keeps flashing that can be viewed from outside which indicates that the false alarm is enabled. I wish there was a automatic timer enabled which will lock the car automatically after few seconds after the engine is switched on/off. I guess this is available in highline variant. 4) Reading the manual is a must. The manual has a lot of information and is worth spending time reading the same. 5) (a) Lastly, the driving experience has been really good. I love the option of adjusting the driver seat height which makes my seating very comfortable. ( The position of the gears and steering is perfect that it needs minimum effort as i don't have to reach out for either of these. © The Steering wheel, tilt and telescopic adjustable is also pretty cool which can make a lot of difference if you are a regular driver. (d) The car simply cruises on plain or straight roads, you feel as if the car is floating the third and fourth gears are simply a pleasure. The shock-absorbs are simply fantastic.The car handling is simply superb its so comfortable and easy to drive. I have not found this in other cars in the same segment. If you are used to the Maruti's and Hyundi's you may feel that Polo is slower in pick-up, but i suppose the other cars are tuned to be much quicker. (e) After driving about 2500Kms mostly in the city, I received a mileage of 13.5Kms! (f) The central locking mechanism could have been designed better. There's a central lock button on the drivers seat door to lock/unlock all doors. The drivers door can be opened from inside even though the doors are locked.Lets say you switch off the engine and don't remove the keys, you can open the drivers door even though all doors are locked from inside, you step out of the car and close the door, you will lock yourself with the key inside!! Which means the doors cannot be opened without the mechanical key if the door is closed when central locking button is in locked position. https://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/XR95C2owk44ej6Ma6JFe13v25dVI4doQ1Dstoe9CxiQ?feat=directlink Post edited: Don't give un-due space in continuous sentences.BornFree2011-03-07 13:41:34
  6. How do I upload my car images? ..................... No salutations, signatures in text. At the moment there is a problem with linking third party sites (Image Shack was the preferred one). So hold your horses sgiitk2011-02-28 16:14:58
  7. I understand that every day is important in life, rather every moment is precious. I am a spiritual guy and I realize the value of every moment. For me personally a car is just a vehicle to move around but for many (or few) its more than that. So, they get very critical or their feelings are hurt if things dont go their way and hence the question. Waiting again is a personal choice. If someone is ready to wait for few months for a car, then thats his choice and vice-versa. Anyways, good luck. Note from Mod: Use normal fonts & sizes while creating a post. You have been warned earlier also for this, consider this a final warning before a formal action is initiated.sgiitk2011-02-13 12:41:26
  8. Can I ask you why are you cancelling the booking? - salutation removed: Mods sgiitk2011-02-12 13:39:19
  9. Don't worry about having to spend for Mudflaps or mats. Its the same with all VW dealers atleast in my city Bangalore. I have heard if you know the dealer really well, you could get these mats and mudflaps free. Don't know if its really worth all that headache. Note from Mod: No salutations or thanks messages & post in normal/regular fonts & sizes.sgiitk2011-02-13 12:47:23
  10. This may come as a surprise or a shock to all of you. But, its the truth. I received my Polo 1.2 - comfortline in less than a week's time. I visited the showroom last Saturday and I was told that the car was ready, the same model and color I was looking for. The car was delivered on Thursday evening. After reading so many negative comments/threads about VW sales, service.. I didn't experience any of them. Everything went smoothly and I truly believe this to be a divine intervention; which people typically say "very lucky" . Here are my observations: 1) Many people probably thousands of them have booked VW cars from the time the car was made available to the market. The dealers have taken the booking. 2) Since, VW couldn't deliver the car on time (slight delay), many bookings were cancelled, but the dealers still received the car and sold it to others. 3) If you are lucky, you may get a car that was cancelled by someone else and quickly! 4) All sales people are pressed for targets, just like in any field. There is no point in yelling at them as I have always told. I completely understand how you would feel if the dealers delayed the delivery. 5) There are chances that they may try to make some money for early delivery. 6) The supply of Polo's have increased. Note from Mod: Use normal fonts & sizes while posting. Also, no salutations/signoffs. sgiitk2011-02-10 10:17:39
  11. Dear all, I have decided to go for Polo Petrol 1.2.. I just spoke to the dealers in Bangalore and I was told that the delivery will take 3-4 months.. Anybody from Bangalore here..? Avinash
  12. Hi Dr. Nishu, Thank you for your response. How much mileage can we expect from Polo 1.6 petrol? I have to choose between 1.2 petrol or 1.6 petrol. I should also be careful about the operating cost as petrol is not getting any cheaper. QUOTE=dr_nishu]
  13. Hello all, I would appreciate if Polo owners (1.2 Petrol) could share your driving experience which will help me decide on the purchase. I have test drive VW Polo 1.2 petrol. 1) I have heard few people say that Polo is good to drive in the city and not highways. could you tell me what aspect of the car is not good to drive on the highways? Is it something to do with speed, acceleration and stability? bcox its a 3-cylinder engine? Can i expect the car to underperform if I drive 4 adults on the highway? 2) This may sound silly, How is the car compared with a santro xing? I have driven a lot of Santro both in the city and highway, so this comparison would help me understand easily. The latest I remember was driving 5 adults including me for 200Km at a stretch and I was pretty satisfied with what the car (santro) did. It was comfortable as I was driving constantly at 100Kmph, the acceleration was good (quick). Can we compare the polo 1.2 petrol with this. 3) Please write you true experience with the milleage. I live in Bangalore and I would like to use this data only as a reference. Wondering if the car really gives the promised milleage. Many Thanks for yor time Avinash
  14. Dear Abhi, Did you test Polo 1.6 petrol or do you own it? Just want to hear more from people who have used Polo 1.6 petrol. Is there a website where I can read the car-test review?
  15. Hi Guys, Does anybody own a polo 1.6 petrol? Please share your experience with this car? Thanks,
  16. I guess this is a good decision as I believe its not worth all that headache to get a car delivered soon.
  17. You mentioned that the loan guy will get you the car whenever you want. Does this mean that the car is ready and you pay extra money to get it early? Is that what you meant? or do you have to book it again and wait for a month or two? If you ask me, its a decision you have to make. If the above is true in the sense that the car is ready and the loan guy can get you the car soon, at what cost do you want to do this? If you cancel the current booking u will loose Rs.5K and how much extra do you have to pay the loan guy? But, if you have the money and don't mind spending, then ok. Also, please be careful. If the car is ready for delivery it will not stay in the shoowroom for long time, as people are waiting for VW. So, check if the car is new and a proper car..i hope you know what i mean. Regards, Avinash
  18. I am not sure about this. When I enquired about this a few months ago in Bangalore, I was told that if the booking is cancelled from our end, no money will be deducted. Different cities/dealers operate differently. What did they tell you when you booked the car? I don't how things work in your city. But, do you think changing dealers at this time will help you? Regards, Avinash
  19. You should thank Tushar for giving those contacts. Good to know that you are getting your problem solved. I hope you will get the car soon and enjoy driving the awesome polo!!!!!!!!!!
  20. I am very sorry to hear the dealer postpone the delivery. I am totally with you my friend. There is no excuse for delay in providing a receipt/bill for something that you have purchased. I am actually surprised by the way VW have behaved with you. Considering the quality that they deliver this is not the way they should deal with customers. They should exhibit some kind of commitment and stick to their words atleast with the delivery date. I will pray for you so that you get your car soon and a nice one. Avinash
  21. I think you should not worry about the car unless this dealer has a a past of bad service. You can do one thing to be satisfied, ask your dealer to provide references of car owners, make sure you take numbers of people who have bought the car atleast a year back.. speak to them and find out about service quality. If i were you, I will give adequate/ chances to any dealer. I will also educate him/her politely about timely and quality service. There is no use is shouting or getting upset which will make things worse. I feel sorry for the people who work in car showrooms, they really work for low salaries and are stressed. After all this, If they still don't respond, simple email or speak to VW, Germany and I am sure you will get things done within no time.
  22. Yeah. You are right. A lot depends on the market as well. Good Luck for your new car
  23. Yeah, its always better to keep things ready coz you never know what these banks require and the more we are prepared it is better. Which color have you chosen.. I guess its RED! I understand how it is to wait. I have been waiting for VW since the car was released and I am not able to buy due to financial constraints. I noticed another thing with these car dealers. Different car dealers from the same car manufacturer promise different timelines.. one VW dealer in blore told me that he can get the car in 2.5 months, the other one said 4 months.. Avinash