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  1. There are so many hatchbacks available. I'd say go for either Jazz, which has great interiors and good fuel-economy. Or you can even go for A-Star. The car's pretty good for Indian roads. Besides it's now available in the Automatic version as well. Great fuel-efficiency is definitely the added factor!
  2. Though all cars three cars are good..the value for money definitly promises it for ritz....its sleek, compact. new powerful engine and maruti's reliability is the best buying point. Though, A-star and estilo are worth mentioning in the same price bracket too.
  3. Hey Siddharth Congratulations on the new car. A-Star is the latest hatchback from Maruti Suzuki which provides a pleasurable driving experience on the crowded city roads. A-Star has now been launched in different "wraps" which are jazzy new designs to depict your personality type! All this is now available for a price of Rs 11k. Nice pictures you have posted! Motivating enough to make me think of buying an A-Star.
  4. Congratulations on your new car. Some of my friends also own Alto K10 and they are also very satisfied with the performance of the car. The car has exceptional maneuverability and a pleasure to drive on the city roads. Enjoy your ride in your new car! Happy Driving
  5. Hi Congrats for booking an Alto K10. It surely is agreat car. Maruti Suzuki has come up with the all new K series engines that give good mileage. Congratulations for your choice.
  6. This indeed is a great drive from Maruti Suzuki which is the premier car seller in India. India surely comes home in a Maruti!
  7. hi This sure is a great initiative by Chevrolet! Now people can actually come up with their own designs who have a flair for designing.
  8. hi If you want to go for a car in the price range of 5-6 lac, then you could go for Maruti Suzuki A-Star Automatic, which was launched on 15th November 2010. This car from the Maruti is launched to further strengthen the position of Maruti as the leader in the small cars segment. The A-Star automatic gives a mileage of 17km/l and comes in a unique sporty design which has made it an instant hit with the youth! Also, the Hyundai i10 and Chevrolet Beat are its competitors which also have used designing and technology to compete in the small cars segment. While i10 has launched a massive marketing campaign to create a hype about its new car, Chevrolet promises a 3 years free servicing for its Beat. Maruti, with its extensive network all over India, provides good servicing options and a sporty look!
  9. Hi Beat was a much awaited car but its sale have not picked up since january. probably this is due to the tought competition it is facing from i10 and Maruti Suzuki A-Star. A-Star was launched in 2008and now Maruti has launched its Automatic version in 2010. This hatchback from maruti promises to deliver a mileage of 19km/l and hence is leading the race as of now!
  10. hi even i have the same problem with my car. it gives pathetic mileage in the city of around 9km/l.. what can i do about it? even i need help guys! i guess it was a wrong choice to go for i10