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  1. nice pics. I'm planning on getting the k10. I'd like to know about the following issues: 1) how are the headlights for night driving? 2) braking above 100? 3) suspension i heard has been improved. how is it? 4) the front seats are horrible. Did u do any changes to increase the thigh cushioning?
  2. Congrats sir, anything that u win free is great. I've never won anything so far
  3. hi amit nice review, i test drove the i10 automatic, its very smooth and strongly built, I'm thinking of gifting my dad one. It'll be very easy for him to drive. Did u get any discount on the car?Any freebies? The mileage u've quoted is excellent, do u always drive with AC on? The only thing i felt annoying in car was reflection of the dash onto the windscreen.
  4. After all these years the amby is still my dad's favourite car. If amby does a bit of cosmetic surgery i will defi buy one. My wish list is: 1) lower the ground clearance 2) Swing the hood down and curve it encasing the rear, something like the 911. now thats asking for too much 3) sleek looking steering wheel- smaller in radius 4) smaller turning radius 5) Most importantly a reliable car which spends less of its time in the garage
  5. hi the Zen Estilo hasn't clicked well for maruti. The dealers are hardly getting any bookings for it. going by the present scenario i feel its going to depreciate v fast, even faster than the A-star. When you consider south india...which place are you precisely referring to? In kerala- hardly any estilos In bangalore- any second hand sells. yes there are quite a few estilos. since dealers offering 35k off. In tamil naidu- also very few estilos In andhra- i have no idea but i've driven the new estilo. i kind liked the beige coloured dash and the brown car. Drive was good. Space is just ok.
  6. If i was in your shoes i would close my eyes and buy a Dzire Ldi. Its excellent Value for money. I've Dzire Ldi, lovely car to drive, good boot space, great mileage (19kmpl), backing of maruti service network behind you. Tata Manza is a good car, very comfy rear seats, especially the recline angle which Tata has got spot on. But should you buy it. NO. 1) Worst service network you can ever expect, i've had a Tata vehicle with me. Trust me on this one. Now they say they'll get to you in 2 hours, i was stranded on the highway for half a day, that too just a few kms from bangalore. 2) very bad resale value. 3) the manza comes with lots of nice toys inside but getting them to work is huge task. 4) quality of plastics is very poor. 5) gear shift is no match for silky smooth one in the Dzire. 6) very bad marketing staff especially in bangalore. They dont know a thing about the car. 7) ride quality is nothing like the Dzire. Take a TD in both Dzire and Tata manza. Check inside out. Drive the car with both the AC on and Off. Also drive the car with the glasses down that way you will be able to judge well. Ford Figo Diesel is a good car, but maintenance of a ford is usually expensive after 2 yrs of use. Figo petrol is way underpowered.
  7. it looks nice, very like the xylo. if they launching it with the 1.2 liter engine here just to reduce costs it will be definitely underpowered. 1.4 liter will be better. but getting a chinese car here!!! i'm not sure whether that is a good move. lets all of us watch and see what happens. one thing for sure they'll price it under 7 lacs to attract buyers
  8. sir congrats first of all its a very good car. Regarding the colour, did you check out ecru beige that is also another nice colour. sir how much did it costs you in bangalore? did you get any freebies? please post your ownership experience. i've taken 3 test drives so far. Not yet convinced whether to buy K10 or A-star. What i disliked about k10 is the front seats- i found them really bad, hard,absolutely no thigh cushioning. A-star seats are superb even better than Dzire seats which i have. have you done sir anything to improve the seats, please tell us.
  9. hi everybody i test drove the new wagonR today and would like to share my experience with you. Infact after reading Mr. Spock excellent review on the A-star went to test drive the A-star again and to decide between it and the K10. There the sales rep suggested me to test drive the New Wagon R and I'm all the more confused now. Pros: 1) loads of space. The best leg room in its class by miles. I never felt more comfortable in any other car other than this and my sierra. 2) interiors look good, lots of nice additions like cup holders and the shopping tray under the seat. But how many times do we really use them?? what i really liked is the 60:40 split rear seats. I wish maruti could offer this in the A-star where i feel its a necessity. 3) well priced. At 4.6 lacs on road in bangalore you get a fully loaded car minus ABS. 4) mini SUV like appearance. Especially when viewed from the rear with the nice chrome above the number plate and the commanding view from the driver seat, Not from the handling thou no SUV feel here. 5) very practical car for city driving and the occassional trip to airport to ferry your luggage. 6) maruti is claiming a mileage of 18kmpl which i think is definitely achievable. 7) The gear box is smooth 8) The braking is good. Definitely better than the swift. Cons: 1) Front grill looks pathetic. It ruins the initial first look one gets of the car. The designer could have definitely done a much better job. 2) Front seats could have been better. Just why cant maruti offer the A-star seats in all their models as standard? The front seats of A-star are the best. 3) Once you step on the acclerator this car gives you the impression of loads of power but the minute you turn on the ac. BOOM!!! your initial impression is shattered.There is a definite lack of power with the AC running. This car has a 1 liter 3 cylinder engine and you should never forget that. I feel they should have given it the 1.2 liter k series engine. 4) Thou the ride quality is much better than old Wagon R, its no match for the A-star. The body rolling still exists, which creates that element of uncertainity on the highway. But overall i felt its a very practical car, but no its not fun to drive. Please add on your views and ownership experience. Also is maruti launching a diesel version?
  10. hi rki nice review. congrats first of all. I too liked the Tata Manza especially rear seating. Tata has got the recline angle spot on.All credit to them. I wanted to buy the manza but was not happy with the way sales rep behaved. I didn't like the gear shift of the manza. when i asked the sales rep he said that particular car had a bad gear shift. Then neither the bluetooth enabled stereo nor the power windows were working. When i asked the sales guy why can't they atleast maintain a TD car well enough he got annoyed. He said that they already had a lot of bookings and if i wanted i can book one. That point i totally lost it. When this was the way the guys at conorde handled a potential buyer i could get the pic how it will be once they have sold it to me or if the car conks up. It is sad that even thou the Manza is a good car its has the worst after sales and worst marketing staff behind it. If Maruti had this product they would have refined it to perfection and made a really killing. Pardon me if i sound sarcastic i honestly feel that Tata should first get all these issues sorted out. i went and got a Dzire and the very next day visited Concorde motors again to make my point clear that the customer is the final boss and if they have an attitude problem they should it out first.
  11. @ anjan: The power window was a real pain. My finger got Stuck in the window glass once at the Vile parle railway gate. imagine my condition. I was crying in pain and that too at the railway gate. I almost thought of breaking the glass. After 5 minutes, glass came down. My 3rd right finger is still flat in testimony to that incident I had losts of problems with the Rt sided power window ultimately had it removed 2 years back.
  12. @ mr. spock: thanks alt sir for your honest opinion. @drifty: thanks alt too.
  13. i think you already have the best of the lot... Fortuner. Thou its old the pajero is the best 4*4 in its class. If i was in your place i'd close my eyes and buy one. You can also bargain for a good discount.
  14. hi amit, if i was in your shoes i would consider the following cars: 1) ford fiesta petrol: excellent car to drive, great gear box. You'll get a good discount also. 2) honda civic: great to drive. 3)toyota corolla: very reliable. Not fun to drive. i didn't like the much hyped new honda city for the following reasons: 1) very bad ground clearance. 2) ride quality is average. I didn't find it fun to drive. Nothing like the fiesta petrol or even the swift. 3) its overpriced by 1 lac for sure. 2)
  15. I test drove the K10, its no rocket. but yes its better than the old alto in terms of power. Cons: 1) very bad seats especially front. Absolute lack of thigh cushioning. 2) steering feels light at high speed, it could've been more precise and more firm. 3) i was not very happy with rear suspension. Could make out difference on speed breakers. 4) definitely overpriced by atleast 30k. In bangalore its 3.74 lacs for Lxi. which i feel is definitely high. But the product will still sell because its a Maruti. Imagine chevy, or even ford getting out a car like this it wouldn't have sold even half as much. I wish the car had the following improvements: 1) Better front seats. wish it could get the seats of the A* 2) smaller steering wheel which feels bit more firm at high speeds 3) split 60:40 seats in the rear. 4) some diwali discount