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    bumpy ride.

    Also i have noticed that driving on a concrete road heats up the tyre much faster than on the normal roads. This could turn dangerous if one is driving for long durations on cemented roads. Have witnessed many tyre failure / bursts incidents due to this heating factor.
  2. This is always the risk we carry at high speeds on Indian highways. A car without ABS makes even more scary! a bit of sensible driving would add to the driving pleasure. Though modern day Indian highways are lot better than wat they were but driving habits lik mentioned above will always make life risky on high speeds
  3. Very true. Petrol Ritz/Swift is any day better than the Figo petrol. How checking out Beat as well?
  4. Correction: The initial poster has already been driving Ritz. After driving Ritz, i20 petrol's performance would be definitely disappointing! As Durango Dude has told, the only other petrol hatch tht wul excite him wuld be Jazz
  5. Since the user is enthusiastic about the performance of the car, I dont think Ford Figo and would interest him. I believe even i20 petrol is underpowered.
  6. And Suzuki has more or less failed to impress with a Luxury Sedan. It lacks a winner models which Toyota or Honda have..So pricing becomes all the more crucial !
  7. Point well made Durango Dude. I opine the same too. Even i was surprised a bit with the pricing considering there is a class product called Innova in a lesser price band. For this price, how many would be ready to push away Innova aside and go for Aria is a big question??
  8. So initially T-Jet wuld be available only in Delhi, Mumbai & Pune.. So what about launch in other cities?
  9. First and foremost - Cute looks Then other factors to conisder are - Preferably auto gear, Easy mmaneuverability, Girly colour etc<?:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />
  10. Hi dr nishu,<?:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /> My car has clocked @17000 kms till date. I was using K&N stock filter from @9000-16000kms. Recently i switched over to K&N performance filter. In stock filter, engine would be much smoother, breathes easier and advantage is u need not replace the filter unlike the normal ones as it rarely gets clogged. No negatives were noted . Now have K&N performance filter installed. Engine noise has increased a bit. But i am experiencing better pull in 2nd and 3rd gears and car doesn slow down drastically when A/C is turned on. Havent tested the performance filter on a highway still. I am craving for it though. Planning a long drive in a month or so. People say that there would be a marginal dip in the mileage while using performance filter. Need to test the same.
  11. Yeah very true dr_nishu & Durango Dude... @dr_nishu, next time u can try switchin over to K&N filters, u ll surely enjoy it. The engine breathes much easier and can feel marginal increase in performance.
  12. Hi All, Have been using Alto-Lxi since some time now and have to say that its pretty satisfying car and worth every ruppee paid for it. Thought of sharing my views regarding its AC. Wel, first the possitve - i feel its one of the best in class AC unit compared to others. Man, it cools really faster. Even on the hottest days, my car cools down in few minutes once the AC is turned on and most of the time blower speed would be set to minimum but yet effective. Now the negative - This massive AC unit saps lot of engine power leading to a dip in performance. To combat this, have installed K&N filters due to which the issue is sorted out marginally. I feel it would have been great if Maruti had striked a balance in this issue. What say experts? Rest apart, i have been very satisfied with the car be it, city or high way driving, maintainance or mileage etc.
  13. Yes, i do agree that a good height provides better visibility. At times, this thought has crossed my mind while driving Alto Lxi. But, nevertheless i feel it is not that major a problem to crib. Hence, i tend to ignore it and enjoy my drive At the end of the day, older version of Alto or Alto K-10 is worth every penny.
  14. I second Rahul's view. And coming to ride quality and space, Verna did not impress me much at least for the price it comes at! definitely City and SX4 has to be conisdered before making the final choice. My friend has older version of Verna. He was not too impressed with the handling at high speeds on highways. My be opinion differ here.
  15. I too had been to the showroom to check out Wego. Was really impressed with the design, looks and tyres. Felt that the tyres are taller than its counterparts. Due to non-availability of stock, dealer was not accepting any bookings Need to wait for @ 15 days or should check out another dealer.